Andys Trek Northof Kuk

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Before records began
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February 6, 2020 13:10

Did Jarv mentioned about going to look north of Kuk? I spent a whole day looking over that side last time I was in Slov. There's not a lot there. It looks cool from the top of Kuk, but if you get down there it's really chossy. All the shakeholes are totally full of scree. I imagine it could be dug out like M18, but the angle of the bedding plane looks wrong, plus it's at least an hour further on than the plateau. What was more exciting are holes halfway down the North face of Kuk, but a bit harder to get too...

He Continues

Getting down to the shake-holes on the north side is relatively easy; you can climb down from the ridge at the low point just to the right of Kuk. Alternatively you can follow the path down from the top of Kuk NW-ish down the doggy skree slop and walk back East below the summit, although this takes longer.

I recommend speaking to a geologist or someone who discovered M18 about cave possibility. There's not much vegetation North of Kuk, maybe because it's pretty much totally scree, no soil. Water will drain right away. Have a look at the bedding plane, see which way it points. It looks really good, I just think that the landscape is so shattered that any entrances will be properly blocked. Worth another look though.

What I haven't looked, but thought about is the Tolminka valley side of Kuk and the Plateau. Do you know the path that goes from Kal round the head of the valley (and past Pri-Madoni)? And also the path from the top of Kuk along the ridge around the top of the valley? They join up at the very Northern part of the Tolminka valley, but I don't think there is a way between the two anywhere else. At least I haven't found one yet. The area between the two looks good. I'd suggest going to the top of Kuk, following the path down the back of it to the first col (away from Skrabina). This is nice and lush with lots of grass. climb down in the direction of the lower path (~south or west). Anywhere around here looks good, there are some almost flat bits, but horizontal entrances may be more promising back under Kuk. I'll dig out my maps and give you a grid reference