``` Back Page Inventory: (Ed: Seems to be Jo King's handwriting) Staples: Pasta: 3x3kg bags (penne,fusilli) Misc further 2.5kg (eg. macaroni) 1.5kg+ spaghetti ~13kg in total

Chapati Flour: 1 full daren drum (10kg?)

Porridge: 2x2kg bags

Rice: 1/2 Daren drum (6-7kg)

Lentils etc: 2kg red lentils 1kg mung beans 1/2kg Polenta

TVP: NONE (all burnt as past BBE)

Couscous: 1.5kg Samsh: 1/3 Daren Drum (3kg) Gram Flour: 1/3 Daren Drum Flour: 1.5kg Instant noodles: 27 packets (of 65g) Poppadoms: LOTS ~3kgs/120 poppadoms Prawn Crackers: Very low

Sugar: 2kg

Yum Food: (in TVP Daren Drum) Jelly: 18 packets (of 135g) Syrup: 2kg unopened cans + ~1kg im open bottle Nutella: 1 jar (750g) Choc Bars (mainly boosts): 50ish bars Pop Corn: ~2kg (4 packets)

Dried fruit: Gazillions of dried apricots ~2kg 1.5kg raisons 400g prunes, 400g dates

Condiments: Hot Pepper Sauce: 2xnew jars + 1/2 full open jar Ketchup: Loads (2kg unopened bottle) Pickle: Plenty (~1kg in unopened bottle) Marmite: 2 open jars (small) Dijan Mustard: 1/2 small jar HP Sauce: 2 3/4 full bottles (ea 860g) BBE 2004 Mango Chutney: Not a lot Lime pickle: 1kg of skank left BBE 1914?! Jam: ~1kg blackcurrent jam

Cooking Stuff: Tuna: 22 cans (of 185g) Sunflower Oil: 9 litres Creamed Cocunut: 8 packets (of 200g) Tahini: Loads (3 unopened 300g jars + 2 open) Garlic: 3xopen jars (have about 300g total) Minced Ginger: 1/2 a 200g jar Horseraddish: 3/4 jar (200g jar) Vinegar: Plenty Tomato Puree: 1x200g tube Breadcrumbs: loads (out of date, but fine ~2kg) Veggie Boullion: ~500g (open + BBE April 2005) Beef Boullion: ~200g (open + BBE April 2005) Chicken Boullion: ~100g (open + BBE April 2005) Lemon Juice: ~200ml

Drink: Vodka: 2 litres Double Rumski: 1 bottle Vitaminkski: 1kg Lemon Tea Bags: 200 Tetleys

Herbs + Spices: Thyme: ~100g Bayleaves: 1/2 a 10g packet Rosemary: Plenty ~100g BBE 2005 Italian Seasoning: ~300g BBE 2005 June Whole Black Pepper: 150g BBE 2007 Ground Black Pepper: 50g BBE 2007

Cumin: ~30g (low) BBE 2007 Tumeric: 300g (lots) Chilli Powder: ~50g (not a lot) 04/2005 Cloves: ~100g 2006/(2005) Nutmeg: A little dinky bit 2006 Cinnamon: ~50g 04/2005 Garamasala: 100g 2007 Mild Madras: 100g 12/2006 Paprika: ~200g 2006+2007

Yeast: 2 sachets 2006 Salt: 500-1000g (plenty)

11 sachets various curry pastes

Bivi Hardwear: Stove (but rather dodgy) + stove spares 12 lantern mantels + lantern Pencils Mulitmeter 3 slippers (Ed: This correct???) Oversuit patching gear 2 epoxy (resin, aruldite, superglue) 1 flare suntant cream sharpening stone 10 AA batteries 1 Flat Cell 1 jewellers screw set 2 1/2 boxes firelighters scrubbers - enough lots small plastic bags a few ziplocks plyers ~80 tealights ~2 litres washing up liquid Thermos Flask ~15L petrol (+3 empty 5L containers) Toilet Rolls ~30 ~1 Litre Alcohol (burning)

Mugs: 20 Plates: 9 MessTins: 18 Billies: 5 small, 3 big Pressure cooker: NO WEIGHTS - standard prestige design though? Cutlery: Enough for ~15 people

Caving Hardwear: Hangers: 69 Maillons: 67 4lb lump hammer 2lb lump hammer 2 small hammers 3 flat blade chisels 1 crowbar 1 bolting hammer 1 lightweight driver 1 through bolt driver 1 set safety specs 2 rope protectors small amount of wd40 1 rocket tube of carbide carbide inner tubes ~70g vaseline Loads of tat (string) Bits of sling

Bivi Tidy: Kettle is in small unlabelled binbag on top of barrels BIG BARREL: Lantern Cumf Tea Fire Lights Random food items (sugar, salt, vitaminski)

SMALL BARREL: Caving stuff Wood saw / axe Carbide

MEDIUM BARREL: 1=Bivi Hardwear 1=Food

Tarps in cage Fuel next to cage (RHS) Dettol next to cage Solar Panel Stove by cage Mess tins etc. by cage

1 bag of soya (burn or eat!)

1 Log Left ```

For Next Year (2006)

Thermos Flask (up hill) Buy some Macaroni - good stuff! Dried mushrooms were good More posh cumf Need to make or buy new saw cover (burnt the old one) New Fire Grill More Hot Choc!

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