"Do you think I've gone past Jesus and straight into Rasputin?" James 12/12/06

"I'm not that easy!" Ben 14/11/06

"Sandeep, put me down." Ben 14/11/06

"Open your legs" Sandeep - several occasions

"...i'm going to press-drill my knob..." Rik 17/10/06

"Even monastaries must have internet porn." Rik 17/10/06

"Let call it a day and just have fun with the sheep." Natasha 15/10/06

"I had a really good night in your sleeping bag." Natasha 15/10/06

"Two queens and I'm out." Sandeep 14/10/06

"I've got a huge hole in my bum!" Liz 14/10/06

"Just stick it all in." Sandeep 14/10/06

Do I have a dirty bum?" Natasha 14/10/06

"Is that a Christmas pudding in your pocket or are you just pleased to see us." Marc to Sandeep 14/10/06

"I like it wet all over." Natasha 14/10/06

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