Car hire is almost always too expensive to be worth it - the information below is quite old!

Sixt have a hire place in Olympia. Not open on Sundays.

In Sept 2008, booking for a sensible caving weekend 5 weeks in advance with the cheapest pos was Ł95.

Avis have one in Earls Court, just off Warwick Way (20 Seagrave Rd, SW6 1RX), near the big Tescos. They have out of hours return.

Price ~Ł110 for same as above, Sept 08. Ł224.26 for 10day hire over Christmas for economy 4 seater.

Alamo have an office in Kennington (SW9 OJJ), and will do a micro car (website has amazing graphics, with little, med & big passengers - inviting a squeezing comp!) for Ł63. In Fulham (SW6 2JR) the same options are Ł77. Ł14 for going South of the River - hah! Vauxhall Corsa 10 day hire over christmas (winter tour) ~Ł250.

Young driver surcharge of Ł9 pd (23-24), or Ł15 pd (21-22). Weird rule where if you book for >5days, they fill up for you & charge a complete tank of petrol. Mmm, driving home on fumes to fight the fascists.

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