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If you think you have a copy of one of our publications that isn't present here please get in contact, e-mail address is on the left. Like everything else on this website all this material is under a Creative Commons licence.

The Journal of London University Caving Clubs [LUCC]

The Journal of London University Caving Clubs [LUCC]

Chelsea College Caving Club [CCCC]

Imperial College Caving Club

Queen Mary College Caving Society [QMCCS]

University College London Speleological Society [UCLSS]

"... the three University Club's histories are very closely inter-related and now the journal should ensure that this pattern of beneficial co-operation will continue. It is hoped that it will even stimulate some people to do some caving with a purpose - certainly far more rewarding than the old tourist trips. A mere write up of the log book has very limited interest, while an entirely scientific publication is beyond the scope of the clubs, so this journal is attempting to strike a happy medium." Tony Waltham, LUCC 1 Editorial, December 1966

Alas, we are the sole surviving member of the LUCC collective. We are intending to have a (complete as possible - we believe there were 14 in the series, Dec '66 - June '73) set of LUCC journals freely downloadable here as PDFs, in testament to the achievements of the now defunct clubs and as a record of original exploration both within the country and abroad. If you have LUCC #1,2,3 or 11 we would be most interested in talking to you, as they haven't been spotted in the wild since 2000!

A summary of the contents of the LUCC journals can be garnered from the first half of our 25 Yr History of the Club (1987) [12mb PDF] (Type up in progress on Wiki...).

Scanning once more...

March 2012

We are endeavouring to get all the journals located and scanned in time for our summer 50th Birthday as a club.

Please see the LUCC Google Document, which should be automatically updated as we make progress. We are typing up the contents (& a 'review' of LUCCs 1-8) of each journal as we locate it. We are preparing to scan the journals with a non-destructive method by individually photographing each page.


Economics of Cave Photography
Chelsea College Caving Club Expedition to Yugoslavia 1971
Trou du Glaz
Lost Johns:
 - Lyle Cavern High Level Series Large Aven
 - In Flood
Another Episode in the Leck Fell Story
Imperial College Caving Club High Atlas Expedition
Gouffre Berger:
 - Description
 - Tackle List
 - Politics
Peterson Pot
Notes and News
 - Lost Johns Large Aven
 - Kahaf Umal Almanjum Athaletha
 - Jfre ou Tageuileit
 - Jfre ou Drasse
 - Mitkane Area, Morocco
 - Gouffre Berger
 - Peterson Pot