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Our physical address is:

Imperial College Caving Club
Beit Quad
Prince Consort Road
South Kensington
London SW7 2BB

Recent Committees

Names and faces of the current and recent committees.

Committee 2020-2021

Úna Barker
Zaeem Najeeb
Matti Mitropoulos
Tackle Master
Ana Teck
Chris Bradley
Social Secretary/ Health & Safety Officer
Max Stunt
Tours Secretary
Ben Richards

Committee 2019-2020

Jennifer Ryder
Úna Barker
Zaeem Najeeb
Tackle Master:
Jack Halliday
Social Secretary & Webmaster:
Chris Bradley
Propaganda, Health & Safety Officer:
Yan Jin Ho

Committee 2018-2019

Rebecca Diss
Jennifer Ryder
Jack Halliday
Tackle Master:
James Wilson
Health and Safety Officer:
Arun Paul
Social Secretary:
Úna Barker

Committee 2017-2018

James Perry
Arun Paul
Secretary / Social Secretary:
Rebecca Diss
Tackle Master:
Peter Ganson
Tours Secretary:
Isha Shaz
Health and Safety Officer:
James Wilson
Medical Officer:
Jarvist Frost

Committee 2016-2017

Ben Honan
Isha Shaz
Will Scott
Tackle Master:
Peter Ganson
Tours and Expeditions secretary:
Tanguy Racine
Social Secretary:
Arun Paul
Medical Officer:
James Perry

Committee 2015-2016

Jack Hare
Ben Honan
James O'Hanlon
Tackle Master:
Peter Ganson
Tours Secretary:
Cecilia Kan
Medical Officer:
Pavel Kroupa
Social Secretary:
Sarah Gian
The Shadow Cabinet:
Tanguy Racine

Committee 2014-2015

President: Tanguy Racine
Treasurer: Oliver Myerscough
Secretary: Elijah Choi

Tackle Master: Jack Hare
Tours Secretary: Rhys Tyers
Medical Officer: William French
Honorary Morale Officer: David Kirkpatrick

Hall of Fame

The leaders of the club from times long past. They may still be hanging around.

Year President Treasurer Secretary Other Officers
2013-2014 Rhys Tyers Oliver Myerscough Sam Page Fiona Hartley (Tackle Master)
Saber King (Medical Officer)
David Kirkpatrick (Health & Safety Officer)
2012-2013 Rhys Tyers Oliver Myerscough Sam Page Jana Carga (Foreign Secretary)
Saber King (Medical Officer)
Konrad Domanski (Health & Safety Officer)
Clare Tan (Tackle Meister)
2011-2012 Clare Tan Thomas McCarthy-Ward Kate Smith Jean Maillard (Foreign Secretary)
Myles Denton (Medical Officer)
Nikolas Kral (Health & Safety Officer)
Jonny Hardman (Tackle Meister)
Jan and Jana (Entertaining Officers)
2010-2011 Clare Tan William French Kate Smith Jana Carga (Foreign Sec),
Myles Denton (Medical Ofc.),
Nikolas Kral (Health and Safety Ofc.),
Jean Maillard (Tackle Master),
Thomas McCarthy-Ward (Chef),
Steven Pool (Tea Ofc.)
2009-2010 Alex Herriott William French Paul Hutton Jarvist Frost (Meets Sec),
James Kirkpatrick (Foriegn Sec)
2008-2009 Paul Hutton Ben Banfield Jarvist Frost Tom Jenkins (Tackle Master),
Jamie Perrelet (Social Sec),
James Kirkpatrick (Foriegn Sec)
2007-2008 Jarvist Frost Benjamin Banfield Paul Hutton James Huggett (Tackle Master)
2006-2007 Sandeep Mavadia David Loeffler Daniel Greenwald -
2005-2006 Jarvist Frost Daniel Greenwald Sandeep Mavadia Chris Rogers (Expo Sec),
Richard Venn (Social Sec)
2004-2005 Jarvist Frost Stephanie Klecha Chris Rogers Sandeep Mavadia (Tackle Master)
2003-2004 Lyndon Leggate Richard Venn Colm Carrol -
2002-2003 Andy Jurd Lyndon Leggate ? ?
2001-2002 Tom Ayles Helen Jones Colm Carroll Clewin Griffith (Web Admin)
2000-2001 Ben Ogbourne Andy Jurd ? Ben Johnson (Tackle Officer)
Colm Carroll, Clewin Griffith (General Dogsbody)
1999-2000 Jan Evetts Tom Ayles Clewin Griffith Andy Jurd (Tackle Master)
Colm Carroll, Mike Rogerson (General Dogsbody)
1998-1999 Colm Carroll Ben Ogbourne ? ?
1997-1998 Tim Wright (Shed) Mike Rogerson (Goaty) Clewin Griffiths (Clue) Jan Evetts (Jesus)(Tackle Master)
1996-1997 Paul Wilcox (Cox) Antthony Woods (Pants) Kathryn Atherton (TW) Tim Wright (Shed)(Tackle Master)
1995-1996 Tony Hayden (Tonx) Paul Wilcox (Bond) Kathryn Atherton Mark Evans
Jim Evans
Chris Roberts
Sarah Wingrove
1993-1994 James Evans (Fascist Dictator) Mark Evans (Man with the Wads) Jill Dove (Lady Of Letters) Rich Andersion (President of Vice)
Richard Moon (Training Officer)John Moore (Pub. Officer)Tim Rogers (Brian Blessed Clone)Shi Chi Ho, Edward Norton, Andrew Lee (Officers with Tackle)

Union Bar Tankards

The Imperial College Union maintains tankards for each club. The tankards traditionally list the names of the presidents of the club. We do not have full records of every committee but thanks to this we have the name of every president of the club since its founding.

There are two tankards currently. One which covers 1962 to 2006, and one that covers 2006 to the present.

Tankard 1 (1962 - 2006)

Year President
1962—1963J. Lennon
1963—1964P. Gregory
1964—1965A. Waltham
1965—1966A. Waltham
1966—1967J. F. Hardenburg
1967—1968J. Winterhalder
1968—1969J. Winterhalder
1969—1970A. J. Parker
1970—1971D. Prime
1971—1972L. W. Tunbridge
1972—1973J. P. Mc Mahon
1973—1974J. A. Cox
1974—1975C. J. Miller
1975—1976R. Trimble
1976—1977S. Leach
1977—1978M. Doyle
1978—1979J. P. Harrison
1979—1980K. Davidson
1980—1981C. E. Cawthrone
1981—1982J. M. Briggs
1982—1983M. I. Barr
1983—1984C. M. Orrock
1984—1985S. Lane
1985—1986H. E. Lock
1986—1987S. M. Seward
1987—1988R. Collcott
1988—1989D. Wilson
1989—1990R. Chaddock
1990—1991R. J. Knell
1992—1993T. D. S. Rogers
1993—1994J. J. Evans
1994—1995M. J. Evans
1995—1996A. Hayden
1996—1997P. Wilcox
1997—1998T. Wright
1998—1999C. Carroll
1999—2000Jan Evetts
2000—2001B. Ogborne
2001—2002T. Ayles
2002—2003A. Jurd
2003—2004L. Leggate
2004—2005J. Frost
2005—2006J. M. Frost

Tankard 2 (2006 - )

Year President
2006—2007S. Mavadia
2007—2008J. Frost
2008—2009P. Hutton
2009—2010A. Herriot
2010—2011C. Tan
2011—2012C. Tan
2012—2013R. Tyers
2013—2014R. Tyers
2014—2015T. Racine
2015—2016J. Hare
2016—2017B. Honan
2017—2018J. Perry
2018—2019R. Diss