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Tolminski Migovec Cave Exploration


2011 Tweets

Static Archive of Tweets from @ICCC

7:15 AM Aug 24th, 2011

We're slowly cobbling together a written report:… & the first tranche of photos are up:…

1:04 PM Aug 14th, 2011

Safely back in the Big Smoke, van unpacked into home sweet stores, time for some well deserved rest!…

10:09 AM Aug 14th, 2011

Back in london! South ken for 1830 if you're around to help unpack.

5:07 AM Aug 13th, 2011

Party/BBQ last night by the Tolminka with the JSPDT was lovely, swim and van pack today, leaving this evening.…

3:23 AM Aug 12th, 2011

Final survey data entered! This year we found 2.229km of cave taking Vrtnarija to 11025/888m! More info:

5:19 AM Aug 10th, 2011

Cave derig complete 5AM,another safe&productive year to report.Sun and stunning viz for carries. Updates and surveys once down in valleys!

5:08 AM Aug 8th, 2011

VRTNARIJA 10810m long, 888m deep!Heavy rain,early end to pushing.Deepest point 10cm rift w loud sound of stream.Big phreas extends to E

11:22 AM Aug 2nd, 2011

Just in case you thought we were suffering too much,earlier rain and recent sun ripened raspberries@1500 & blueberries@1850 to perfection!

10:19 AM Jul 29th, 2011

Well over 500m new now,another large rotation of underground campers this weekend.Weather finally pleasant ish, even saw stars last night!

2:06 PM Jul 27th, 2011

Camp in full swing, 400m new passage found! Massive phreas horiz heading into blank mountain, 40cm straws on lovely iron stained cascades.

10:29 AM Jul 24th, 2011

48hrs incessant rain rounded off by heavy snow storm, tarp collapse, tents being buried. So cold. Weather temp clear, stunning white peaks.

10:52 AM Jul 23rd, 2011

Last nec. carries complete, weather continues to be dire,lightning strikes on plateau etc.All rather tired with small team.Cave storms on.

2:40 PM Jul 21st, 2011

4 man team returned from setting camp, first little lead pushed, serpentine continues! Stormy weather, thunder hail storms. It's all go!

2:09 PM Jul 19th, 2011

VRTNARIJA rigged as far as PICO. UG camp stuff and last of necessary caving gear carried. Apocalyptic weather forecast tonight, tomorrow!

11:57 AM Jul 18th, 2011

Hail thunder storms! Suffering on the carries, cold and grim. 500L of water collected though. Caving delayed till tomorrow, hope for sun.

11:04 PM Jul 17th, 2011

Well, Mig fielded the full welcoming committee last night with a proper whizz bang electric storm. 10m viz on waking, but no more blasting.

1:19 PM Jul 17th, 2011

Rain& klag attack for 2nd half of play,carries continued regardless.First meal up top-risotto.UG camp carry tom AM,talk of adv rig team PM!

3:16 AM Jul 17th, 2011

6AM start to get the carries in,no helicopters on this expo!Weather kind, overcast,cool but dry.All 11 up top tonight, peaceful on Migovec.

12:50 PM Jul 16th, 2011

Van steamed into Tolmin at an early 1945.Pizza and bullshit flowing,discussion of leads and plans.British university alpine start tomorrow.

8:56 PM Jul 15th, 2011

Dawn breaks on the german plain, the diesel purrs contentedly.Drivers rotate in line,so happy and cafeinated are we. 350 miles,a third done

1:20 PM Jul 15th, 2011

At 4 am as I adjusted tarps in the rain, the words of the great leader,Scuz, came to me;"this is an expedition not a f***ing holiday."Tetley

1:47 PM Jul 14th, 2011

Jarv: Van packed,18 green crates,4 large barrels, ~20 Daren drums, 14+ sets of caving gear, 1km+ rope. UZX still smells like victory.

1:43 PM Jul 14th, 2011

Tet:Am on summit of Mig after another grand day up top.Great sunset.Can hear the metal really clearly...Ah the calm of the mountains.

3:37 PM Jul 13th, 2011

Tetley: Tarps up, bivvy looking like normal, stuff everywhere but you know where it all is. No sign of a mouse yet. Metalfest this weekend.

8:10 AM Jul 12th, 2011

Tetley:Bivvy getting there.Pit operational.No surface snow.Stove ok, lantern also ok but used LAST 2 mantles.Back to work now,3hrs to sunset

1:06 PM Jul 9th, 2011

Last shopping done, crates all packed. T-6 days, forecast is hot!…

11:04 AM Jul 5th, 2011

ASDA,Lidl raided.Last few bits and bobs arriving at stores; extra Spitz, meths, etc.Suddenly expo seems v real,and far too soon, 10 days!

8:38 AM May 20th, 2011

Expo 2011 is Izgubljeni Raj (Paradise Lost), 15.7-15.8. Survey PDFs, Prospectus etc.:

3:21 PM Aug 15th, 2010

Van returned, all safe and sound, gear unpacked into the familiar dusty cramped confines of stores. Plans already fermenting for 2011! Out.