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2008 Tweets

Static Archive of Tweets from @ICCC

5:10 AM Aug 27th, 2008

M2 goes... Rift at bottom pushed to undescended 20m pitch...

5:27 AM Aug 23rd, 2008

On the 1400 saturday sailing, should be back in london 1700 ish. Any help unpacking van greatfully received!

5:26 AM Aug 23rd, 2008

"I took one whiff at the window and could smell iraqi, but I guess its just the smell of the unwashed!" immigrat lady looking for illegals

1:28 AM Aug 21st, 2008

Bivi derigged, all down in Tolmin for pizza, fruit and pivo! Expo party this even by the Soca with JSPDT. Great Plans for 2009...

1:42 PM Aug 18th, 2008

GW derigged in full, VILINSKA jama tied in. No connection, but ~1.2km of new cave this year, with fantastic leads for 2009! Team Mig.

3:16 PM Aug 17th, 2008

M2:JH/JKP derig via M16, put to sleep for the year. CK:DG/TO last pushing trip to desperately seek the con, morning callout.

9:42 AM Aug 16th, 2008

GW:climb abv kill'em gained tight rift to p head into large chamber with P30+ twin shafts.M2: rift pushed 5m, markers floated d'stream.

5:43 AM Aug 14th, 2008

Climb abv KILL'EM to gain S going meander,closing on M2.Olympic rift derigged after attempt at squeeze.Scrotux hammered and rig tuned.

2:32 PM Aug 10th, 2008

S1: way to right hand pitch found by hammering rift above big pitch.Strong draft from tight meander, several hrs hard hammer.4th system?

5:25 AM Aug 10th, 2008

DANGERMOUSE bottomed and surveyed in at P52m. Mini streamway enters pitch, new P heads off after meander. Work in M2 to push tight rift.

2:39 PM Aug 8th, 2008

Mona connected to Primadona,making the western plateau caves ~3.7km long.Carried snow,which has provoked worst storm of expo! Jarv

3:29 PM Aug 7th, 2008

M16:AJ/PH/JMF Plopzilla photo and derig.2 multi exp film shots taken of pitch on decent,plus a few firefly digi.choke followed for 30m.

6:53 AM Aug 6th, 2008

M2:AJ/JH past 70s limit,tight rift.GW:JF/PH/IM new big pitch DANGERMOUSE off mudslump.Attempt at vocal con,no joy.Confluence at bot M2

1:43 AM Aug 5th, 2008

Super action today to try and push the sysmig/GW connection. Change of man power after the weekend, now more slovs on top. 15hr+ trip!

12:43 AM Aug 3rd, 2008

Weekend of changeover, so Soca sesh in Tolmin! Kangaroo has now been pushed below end of M2, so backup to Mudslump and check ways on.

10:16 AM Jul 31st, 2008

GW now system with con of VILINSKA to bot of laurel.Kangaroo going strong,P45 DARK TRANQUILITY on 15hr 4man trip.M2 pushed >70s camp.

10:53 AM Jul 27th, 2008

New cave found by JNH, 100m from GW. Howling draft, goes to new pitch head (proper cave, now fault control). Trip down M2 to bottom Silos.

2:32 AM Jul 27th, 2008

M2:silos rigged to 30m of floor when ran out of Spits. NCB: west end visited on rerig and prospect trip. Planika: echorift push.

12:13 PM Jul 25th, 2008

JC/JMF>E1 dug to new pitch with v tight head, surf surv.CG/JKP>M2 to top of silos where out of bolts.AJ/JH>M17 choked with snow ...

12:00 PM Jul 24th, 2008

Planika: pushed via P8 through snow to tight rift leading to icy P8 with unpushed blow rift on. Now 30m from mona, but offset.50m deep

11:22 AM Jul 23rd, 2008

M2:tight scrot, rigged to 1st big pitch. JH/JKP/JC>GW to mudslump, kangaroo. Carries and setup for others. Weather storming. All go!

10:16 AM Jul 22nd, 2008

JC/JF>PLANIKA rigged cliff and pitch 1. Old snow melted, further P6s down past ice.CG/DG>M2. AJ/JKP>GW to rig laurel. Sun's up, ...

2:05 PM Jul 21st, 2008

Bigbang start,super thunder at party.Slept in, 2nd carry and tent pitch in clag.Hailstorm at Kal.Walked dan and JKP M2 via M1,M16,M18.Rain.

12:32 AM Jul 20th, 2008

Rocked up in Tolmin safe and sound, 9am. First coffee down. Mig covered in wisps of cloud. Breakfast then assault on Ravne.

2:12 PM Jul 19th, 2008

Wake up 100km fromStuttgart.The pilots are discussing a light show in the clouds that none else can see.The orbs? The night is still young

7:54 AM Jul 19th, 2008

Belgium. Andy driving. Trance. Sunny. Three lanes. Van air a bit thick already. Shadows of rooftop barrels cast on tarmac.

2:56 AM Jul 19th, 2008

Somewhere near ash ford... Late for ferry due to usual set off cock ups. Speed limited to 62 dammit! Jarv

1:59 PM Jul 18th, 2008

van pretty packed, only 3/4 full - keep on checking to make sure that we've taken the 1.2km of rope... but we have(!!!)

9:07 AM Jul 18th, 2008

An ecstasy of fumbling as we get ready... packing van tonight, 8:30am send off, 12:20 ferry to Calais. Eta Tolmin 10am Sun.

8:47 AM Jul 16th, 2008

Tet is back in Tmin after 4 days in the mountains. 3 full 200L barrels of water, grim hailstorm while he was solo in bivi.Now hot and sunny.

2:51 PM Jul 14th, 2008

Union attempt to throw away 500m of new rope left soaking outside stores. Rescued from bins. Survey books made up courtesy of Physics co ...

8:08 AM Jul 14th, 2008

From Tet, Mon 14th: Its hailing in the bivvy... Enough water for weeks.

8:08 AM Jul 14th, 2008

From Tet, Sat 12th: Shit pit set up... Bivvi looking good... expo is go go go p.s. I am currently drinking tea at the sunset spot.

3:54 PM Jul 6th, 2008

Testing the Votla Gora 2008 Twitter news feed...