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Newsletter 2 - May 22nd

Once again the old band is getting together to put a new show on the road, to add major discoveries to the map, to (perhaps) find the yet undiscovered master system, and to (certainly) order more pints of Lashko at the Paradiso...

Thanks to all who replied to Mig Newsletter 1 - I now have a spreadsheet (attached) showing people and dates. Some of these are still unconfirmed but at least we have something to work with. Looks like we've got a good team once again.

Please let me know if you of any changes to these dates. (Even possible dates are useful if you haven't yet let me know you're planning on turning up).

Van drivers/passengers - please let me know if you are able to drive out (there, back or both) or if you feel you should be (or want to be) a passenger. We should sort this out soon I suppose.

Insurance - Hehr Tetley says "don't forget to get insurance - this can't be done at the last minute folks!".

Equipment - Chris and Jarv (and the Southside regulars) we should sort out what equipment to buy soon.

Ferry tickets - hopefully its OK if you do this at some point Jan?

Deposits - if you can pay then please do! It's a hassle extracting money post-expedition and not fair for a few people to shoulder all the costs of buying food/ferry tickets (etc.) upfront.

Best to electronically transfer 100 squid to: EMAIL TET FOR DETAILS :) and then send me an e-mail to let me know that money is on its way. You could also give me a cheque or cash.

A titbit from Janet and musings from Goaty follow for those who are interested:


Buy a rotary whisk for Angel Delight!


"I'm desperate to come. Unfortunately, my contract here ends on 1st October and I will have to have a nice report ready for then for my masters at Shell. As I'm likely to be coming back to a new job in the UK at that time to boot, I'm going to be struggling for time. If I can, I will come but don't bank on it! I'll be able to promise more closer to the time.

Expedition plans -
  • * would be nice to finalise all this bloody hydro nonsense. Have a concerted push at Jim Roberts on this one. He's got exactly the right skills for the job - hydro actually now is his job! - and he's a good bloke to have around in an expedition - hard worker, easy going, keen, unstoppably cheerful.....
  • * What is the address of chez Tetley? If I do turn up at short notice, what are the arrangements for gaining entry when no-ones in? (Tetley adds: I'm not sure yet - I haven't even got a set of keys of my own yet! Should know in two weeks time when I return from 6 days in Slov).
  • * Dont' forget Spiny Norman! There is a promising, through rather tight, lead just before the actual Spiny Norman squeeze (thank God...). I've passed it and it leads to a climb and then continuation of the passageway out towards the north (ie. towards GW?). Unfortunately, I'd broken Ed Austin on the Dinsdale climb and he needed to get out, so all I know beyond that is that the line of sight ends after about 40m in breakdown, which of course does not mean that the passage ends at the breakdown or that there aren't other leads. There's survey m's for the taking, its the only big ? in M16 and its just at the bottom of Brezno Strahov! Go on. You know you want to! (Tetley adds: Yes, yes, yes, oh god yes.... but that may be because he's thinking about Janet's rotary whisk!)
  • * Finally, I think Jan and Dave are probably right about Colorado Sump. I'm not suggesting you go to all the effort setting up trips to the bottom of GW just for a ?, but consider:-
    • The walls show no sign of vertical variability.
    • The floor sedimentation is pretty exactly distributed with the water (its position when we saw it must be its position almost all of the time).
    • It is physically higher in the mountain than the sumps in Torn-T.
    • It might well be perched. Could it be bailed?
  • (Tetley adds: I agree about the Colorado lead - but the lead at Red Cow is VERY good, but a big effort to get to.)
That's all for now.....
Yours to the first slog up to the Shepherd's Huts,


Expedtion 2005 - Newsletter 1 - May 14th

Right folks it's that time of year again where the mind turns to thoughts of finding huge amounts of new cave, drinking vodka slush puppies round the fire, savouring the view from the Shepard's Hut's, chilling on the banks of the Soca, rolling chapattis before fettling the carbide (or checking the battery on the latest Miglight). Of plans, bullshit, aven balloons, the creative use of malt loaf wrappers, the queue for the pit, the bottom of plop.....

The latest news (for those who can't make it to Southside) is:
  • We've secured a union minibus ('GAV') to transport all the gear;
  • Chris Rogers has done an amazing job securing over 1200 pounds of sponsorship money;
  • This year's DATES have been fixed - the last two weeks of July and the first two weeks of August;
  • Jan has agreed to be the man with the ferry ticket plan;
  • There's a new expedition base in Tolmin - "Tetley's", easy walking distance from the Paradiso of course!
  • Tetley will be visiting the Dragon Man on 2nd July to pick up any gear that people have ordered from him.
  • A pre-expedition team (currently Tetley and Sandeep) will leave five days before the expedition to set up the bivvy, catch rain (and hopefully join the reggae festival at the Sotoca);
  • The big food shopping trip (Tetley, Clewin and ???) will take place on Saturday 9th July;
  • The BIG GEAR SORTING AND PACKING DAY in Beit Quad will be on Sunday 10th July for all those who can make it;

This year it is hoped that lots of 'shaft-bashing' surface work will take place. Storm cave and other surface leads look very promising and will hopefully yield bountiful cave with some concerted effort. There's also the hope of making a connection with Pri Madoni (in the last year the Slovs have pushed it to within 200m of the system). In Gardener's World, Captain Kangaroo is a promising lead half-way down Pico (-150m), and there are leads at Zimmer (-550m) and, for those who are up for it, there's a stormin' deep lead at Red Cow (-740m) - though this may depend on manpower and interest. In the system there are leads off NCB (-120m), including Plop pitch, still unbottomed (after 10 years!!!) and reputed to be about 80m deep - and at the end of Expedition Road (e.g. a window at the bottom of XXX (-320m) that I want to check out). Personally, I'm keen on finding a new cave (as in 2000) that we can push from the surface down to -400m plus (or minus depending on which way you take the depth axis).


  • A Book time off work and commit yourself to joining the best summer expedition going....
  • B LET ME KNOW if you are planning to come, including your DATES. It would be helpful to know if you are 'definite', 'possible', 'probable' etc. I will e-mail updated versions of the "who's going when" spreadsheet as and when I get this information coming in.
  • C SORT OUT INSURANCE once you've booked your dates - this MUST be done by everyone who's planning to leave sight of daylight. Options are:
    • 1. Austrian Alpine club. Includes rescue cover.
      AAC details:

      I think the membership is on a december-december yearly basis.
      It's around 40 squid for the year - good English language site/service, you can pay in pounds.
    • 2. Club Alpin Francais is pretty much the same as above, but you'll have to sort it out in French (and pay in Euros).
    • 3. BCRA do travel insurance which includes rescue cover:

      This is more expensive but includes travel insurance and I think the medical cover is better.
  • D Keep in touch! Once again, please let me know if you're coming or if you can't come. I will send out future updates to If you wish to join this group list, send an e-mail to or visit
  • E Be prepared to be pay an expedition deposit of 100 pounds (details to follow). This is negotiable to some extent but basically all those who can pay should pay as we'll need to buy food, ferry tickets etc. upfront.
Let me know if there's anything I've forgotten to mention.

Come to Migovec - you know it makes sense!!!

Yours to the Soca,