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Early History


Tolminski Migovec Cave Exploration


Yorkshire Christmas Tour

25th Dec 2004 --> 1st Jan 2005


Logbook Trip Reports:

Pushin' Kaptain Kangeroo

It's good to see you're finally going pushing underground,
I'm sick of seeing you down in the bivvy bumming round.

You've finally patched your oversuit's enormous gaping rip,
You know you'd better stop using your arse for extra grip.

There's no hangers on the wall,
But that don't bother me at all,
Smoking cigarettes and pushin' Kaptain
Now don't tell me there's no way through!

Some people say it's tight and scrotty,
But they've never been.
It's really the most beautiful passage I've ever seen

So come on, won't you follow the blue lanex off Pico,
Go right at the rub point 'cos it's guranteed to go.


Go digging in the boulder chokes, and bolting in the rock
We're sure of the connection, sure as we can trust the rock.

A parallel shaft series would be mighty fine indeed,
Don't go pushing too far north, it's headed for Space Oddysey