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Tolminski Migovec Cave Exploration


Summer Expedition 2004

12th August
The expedition is now back in the fleshpots of Tolmin. The cave and bivvy are derigged for another year. Party tonight and then the van heads back to Blighty tomorrow. About 1.5 km of new cave this year - mostly below -700m, damned impressive in my book. Loads more to do next year though....
Yours to the next bottle of Lasko,

2nd August
Ahoy-hoy. Big storm last night. But another glorious Mig morning. Lead that might link to sis Mig (Soda stream) has been pushed but closed down. Biggest lead is still north Miles Underground! 300m pushed so far. Now takes 2 hours from camp. Lots of side leads. Camp is at cactus junction. Going the other way Double Think apparently goes again. Higher level stuuf remains untouched. TA and JH will be back from a three nighter today.

28th July
The underground camp is well set up now - eight people have so far camped at the Fridge (although its a nice camp - the fridge thermometer does say that its 1°C). We've about four hundred metres of new survey data so far. No connection yet - you'll have to wait for the next e-mail. Alls good and pretty much the same as ever - popcorn, fire, the bivvy's a mess but you know where stuff is, weather pretty good, lots of laughs, talk of particle physics and the latest shit.

19th July
The van's made it to Tolmin (and is currently trying to make it to Ravne with half the gear). The advance party (Tetley and Chris) have already set up the bivvy, collecting snow from the huge iceberg that we conveniently found there before heading down to join 20,000 people at the Reggae festival in Tolmin. Weather good at the Soca - clouds look ominous over Mig! The rigging starts tomorrow...
Yours to the next crate of Lasko, Tetley.

17th July - Chris Rogers, Tolmin, via txt:
"Ey oh... Bivvy set up, no water yet. Mountain is gorgeous. Down the hill tonight for pizza and reggae. Will see you monday. Chris and Tetley"

13th July - News from Andrej
On Monday 12th July at 15.04, there was an earth quake in Bovec 4,9 grade strong. So on Migovec will be all kind of expectations. It is very cold and a lot of rain. On Sunday it was 12° in the morning. On Vrsic pass (1600 m) there was 10 cm of snow.