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1997-dave wilson-at the connection M16 to hotline 1997-dave wilson-busy bivy at night 1997-dave wilson-climbing into bikini carwash 1997-dave wilson-coming up into hotline 1997-dave wilson-empty bivvi 1997-dave wilson-exhibition road 1997-dave wilson-exhibition road 2 1997-dave wilson-goaty and huggy 1997-dave wilson-huggy at the hotel 1997-dave wilson-huggy at the hotel 2 1997-dave wilson-huggy at the hotel 3 1997-dave wilson-jim and mick playford 1997-dave wilson-krnsunset01 1997-dave wilson-kukbluesky 1997-dave wilson-level 2 1997-dave wilson-level 2 3 1997-dave wilson-looking down towards tolmin 1997-dave wilson-looking over the back of kuk 1997-dave wilson-looking up from exhibition road 1997-dave wilson-mark at TT entrance 1997-dave wilson-mark on the plateau somewhere 1997-dave wilson-near mig country 1997-dave wilson-pauldeepcamp01 1997-dave wilson-plateau from slopes of kuk 1997-dave wilson-scuz at level 2 1997-dave wilson-scuz in level 2 1997-dave wilson-scuz in level 2 2 1997-dave wilson-scuz in level 2-2 1997-dave wilson-shed goat markhugh tetley clewin jim and alva dossing at the 1997-dave wilson-shed hugh tetley and mark in bivi 1997-dave wilson-side view of mig 1997-dave wilson-skrbina01 1997-dave wilson-sunset over kuk 1997-dave wilson-tetley droping into M16 from hotline 1997-dave wilson-the food cage 1997-dave wilson-tolmin slide show 1997-dave wilson-veiw of kuk 1997-dave wilson-view at mig summit 1997-dave wilson-view of kuk 1997-dave wilson-view of mig 1997-dave wilson-view of skirbina 1997-dave wilson-view on plateau 1997-hugh penney-alva in a small hole 1997-hugh penney-hugh 1997-hugh penney-mice 1997-mark evans-M16 entrance series tetley and dave w 1997-mark evans-alva and tetley at the hotel 1997-mark evans-alva goaty shed and jim dossing at ravne 1997-mark evans-alva surveying 1997-mark evans-alva tetley and shed eating rockies at the hotel 1997-mark evans-andre jackie marien and wife martin- oarty in ravne 1997-mark evans-andrej oliver goat clewin dejan simon alva shed and jim 1997-mark evans-damaged houses in bovec 1997-mark evans-dejan and simon 1997-mark evans-dejan ristic in bivi just about to go on glory boys trip 1997-mark evans-electronics in the bivi 1997-mark evans-farmer with his cheese store in ravne 1997-mark evans-flooding resurgence near ravne 1997-mark evans-galactica 1997-mark evans-galactica 2 1997-mark evans-goaty applying his rouge in M16 entrance 1997-mark evans-goaty doing geology 1997-mark evans-goaty doing geology 2 1997-mark evans-goaty- cover caver 1997-mark evans-group at end 1997-mark evans-group at end 2 1997-mark evans-group at last supper dejan al clewin jim and oliver goat she 1997-mark evans-hotline 1997-mark evans-huggy and tetly doing geology at camp 1997-mark evans-making cheese in ravne jim skala and clewin asleep 1997-mark evans-marien mixing cheese 1997-mark evans-mark and iain after bolting the wire 1997-mark evans-miche gaberscek in bivi 1997-mark evans-micheal playford 1997-mark evans-oliver and dejan in the bivi 1997-mark evans-olly 1997-mark evans-prussicking into hotline from M16 1997-mark evans-scuz in level 2 1997-mark evans-shed at FA999 1997-mark evans-shed at FA999 very cold 1997-mark evans-shed at cold feet 1997-mark evans-shed at cold feet passage 1997-mark evans-shed coming out of FA999 1997-mark evans-shed in cave somewhere 1997-mark evans-shed in cold feet passage 1997-mark evans-shed tetly and alva at the hotel 1997-mark evans-shed with laser helmet 1997-mark evans-slov girls in bivi 1997-mark evans-slov radio interview 1997-mark evans-sloveniains- micha gabeschek and in biv 1997-mark evans-tetley and dave wilson at m16 entrance 1997-mark evans-tetley at FA999 1997-mark evans-tetly huggy and goaty on the top 1997-mark evans-titanic traverse 1997-sarah wingrove-DWbrezno 1997-sarah wingrove-cavegeol1 1997-sarah wingrove-dave colm shed alva 1997-sarah wingrove-dave wilson brezno strahov 1997-sarah wingrove-tolmingroup 1997-unknown photographer-alva 1997-unknown photographer-deepcamp03 1997-unknown photographer-scuzlevel2_01 1997-unknown photographer-scuzlevel2_02 1997-unknown photographer-scuzlevel2_03 1997-unknown photographer-scuzlevel2_04 1997-unknown photographer-scuztitanic01 1997-unknown photographer-shed 1997-unknown photographer-titanic01 1997-unknown photographer-titanic02 1997-unknown photographer-titanic03 alva and tetley at the hotel sysmig 1997 by mark evans hotline sysmig 1997 by mark evans marjan with his cheese store in ravne 1997 by mark evans scuz in level 2 sysmig 1997 by dave wilson shed tetly and alva at the hotel sysmig 1997 by mark evans titanic sysmig 1997 by dave wilson view of mig 1997 by dave wilson

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