Ireby Fell Cavern


Country: United Kingdom
Region: Yorkshire
Subregion: Marble Steps


Park at the water works at the end of Masongill Fell Lane. Walk up the Turbary Road until a paved path leads off over a stile to the left. Follow the path across the field and up the hill. Cross into the next field at the stile. Follow the path on the other side which leads to Ireby, just before the next wall.


Report Date
Yorkshire IV 2019-01-12
Yorkshire Winter Tour 2018-12-20
Yorkshire III 2018-01-20
Yorkshire VII 2017-06-25
Yorkshire VII 2017-06-24
Yorkshire 0 2016-09-24
Yorkshire 0 2014-09-20
Yorkshire I 2010-10-30
Yorkshire Winter Tour 2007-12-19
Yorkshire 2003-05-11