Wales 26 th and 27 th October 2002

Photos and report courtesy of Darryl Anderson


Darryl, Colm, Jani, Moritz, Philipp
This was a first caving trip for Jani, Moritz and Philipp. Colm knew the way so he led us down to Gnome passage and down Selubrious passage, stopping off to see the trident and the judge on the way. From there we went down Maypole inlet to the OFD 2 streamway, with me and Colm taking photos along the way. We went upstream for a bit but didn't get as far as the top waterfall before turning back. We then climbed back up maypole inlet and returned the way we came, stopping off at the mini columns on the way, including a ridiculously pointless squeeze where I managed to get a photo of Jani. Time underground 5 hours. The evening involved drinking beer, cards, drinking gin (as we'd run out of beer), table traversing, and yet more drinking.


Darryl, Rick, Jerome
Not wanting to go down Cwm Dur today, I took the 2 guys who did that on saturday into OFD 2. After a few route finding problems with White Arch series, and a quick detour to see the mini columns, we eventually found Gnome Passage and from there we went down Edwards Shortcut, with the slippery traverse, and on to Selenite passage. After reaching the top of Maypole inlet we decided not to go down so we headed out via Salubrious, including the detour to trident and judge. Time Underground 4 hours.

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WSG Hut Table Traversing Changing outside

the SWCC

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The Minicolumns | Climbing down
into Salubrious | Jani (I think) in a squeeze

Colm under Trident

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