Izgubljeni Raj

Formations in King Minos' Palace.

M2 Super Action — October 22nd

We said we'd go back, and that we'd survey, so we did! We measured 245m of survey data, adding an extra hundred metres to the known depth of M2 and bringing the closest approach with Vrtnarija to 4m (nb: 1.4km loop, estimated ~30m error), along an easy mud-floored dig taking a huge draught.

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Post — Expo Summary

2011 was another great year deep within Tolminski Migovec. The weather was horrendous — we even had snow! But the cave kept on going. We found over 2.2km of new passage all below -500m in depth, and took the cave to a new deepest point of -888m. All of the exploration took place during underground-camping trips based at X-Ray (Vrtnarija, -550m), with the keenest of expeditioneers managing a total of around seven nights underground during the four week expedition.

We presented our exploits at the BCRA 'Hidden Earth' Caving conference in Monmouth on 25th September 2011. The slides are available, either as a PDF (33MB) or the original ODP (26MB), or online via Scribd.

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2011 Interim Report (Google Docs)

2011 Photos (online gallery) | 147MB zipfile (375 photos, medium resolution for offline viewing)

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