Votla Gora Interim Report


The main focus of the Votla Gora 2008 Expedition to the Tolminski Migovec plateau, Western Slovenia, was the connection of Sistem Migovec (11493m - 5th longest in Slovenia) with Vrtnarija (5229m - 11th longest) to make the second longest cave in Slovenia (16722+m). Separation was 28m on the centre line with many going leads. This was not achieved, but 1.2km of cave passage was found and explored.

The part of Sistem Migovec that we were attempting to connect to was the bottom of M2, the original deep cave on Migovec pushed back in the early 1970s by the Slovenian JSPDT. Below the epic Tolminski Silos pitch (120m), the cave shut down into a series of small pitches with extremely tight rift, which had to be exploded open for passage. Exploration finished in the 1970s at yet another such rift.