Votla Gora

Votla Gora 2008 - photo M McGowan of Jarv abseiling off edge of cliff to Hawk cave with Krn in the background across the Polog valley

Votla Gora 2008 Interim Report

2008 Photos

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Vrtnarija/M2 2008 [PDF] - pre Oct08 push
Vrtnarija/M2 2008 [Inkscape SVG]. - Pre Oct08 push


75-Slide BCRA Hidden Earth Talk [PDF]

Centreline Data:

Raw Survex .zip archive 2008-11-17
.3d File of Whole Plateau - for display in Aven


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2007 info + surveys

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1974-2006 Written Report: The Hollow Mountain


Connection of Sistem Migovec (11493m - 5th longest in Slovenia) with Vrtnarija (5229m - 11th longest) to make the second longest cave in Slovenia (16722+m). Separation is currrently 28m on the centre line with many going leads.

Pushing of streamway at Red Cow Roundabout, by camping at Camp X-Ray (-600m) in Vrtnarija.

Concerted effort into the Eastern end of National Coal Board, where Plopzilla (105m deep) was found in 2007.

Extension of Western Plateau caves (Planika, 110m & others), pushing of 'other window' in U-Bend (first one dropped into Drugi - Primadona, other is heading towards blank space
Assist the young JSPDT in there extensions to Smer 0 and Smer 1 in Primadona.

Surface Bashing Effort to be concentrated on the neglected East Pole region, including the new E series which need some demolition work. Satellite Bivi (if we can find water) hoped for in the plateau beyond Kuk.

Side Projects Continued repush & survey of Razor Cave (not just because its 300m from the hut + beer), and an exploration of Poloska Jama across the Polog Valleyin consideration of the movement of the resurgance after the 1998 & 2004 earth quakes.