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summer expedition 2000


Despite adverse weather conditions, the Imperial College Migovec 2000 expedition's overall achievements were very good; around 2km of new cave was surveyed over a combined depth of 900 metres, the main system is now 11.3km long. A total of 20 people were on the mountain for between 2 and 6 weeks, with experience ranging from 1st year students to seasoned expedition cavers. Once again excellent relations were maintained with the local cavers, with two joint trips being carried out. The traditional end of expedition party, to thank the local cavers and local farmer for their invaluable help, was also very successful.


>> See the full system survey (150kb)

explorations in the system - level 2 and exhibition road

Of the three big pitch series remaining in Level 2, the Paradiso Series continuing below Bare Necessities (-430m, 1999) was explored via two large pitches to an impassable rift at the bottom of Hole in the Hill, -575m, while Mig Country leading to Rock and Roll (-300m, 1996) was explored via an active streamway to a series of small pitches. The streamway then bizarrely diverged and disappeared down several impassable rifts at just -330m. At the upper end of Exhibition Road the Asterix Series (-370m, 1999) had two leads; one was pushed down a short pitch to a wet impassable rift, while the other lead remains unexplored.