17 clubs from across the UK came together for a weekend of hard drinking (and maybe some caving/training).


Good to be back in Yorkshire! 15 of us jumped into Easegill with 4 more diving head first into Kingsdale (Spoilers we all survive). Sunday was a bit of an epic in Lost John's. No rope was left at the hut, everyone remembered maillons, no fresher mistakes were made and we got back to London at a reasonable time.


Ahh Aggy! One team down main passage the other two more mainstream. Much debauchery, late nights, late starts. A well organised trip overall where everything went right.


Our first trip of the year! We tackled OFD II and Cwm Dwr on Saturday, with two teams down to maypole and another half way down the streamway, and on Sunday two bimble trips and a Cwm Dwr to OFD II epic!

Hello 2017 freshers! Welcome to the Imperial College Caving Club website. If you are interested in caving, you've come to the right place! We are an active and friendly club. We have regular weekend caving trips, mid-week meet ups in London, and foreign expeditions (...holidays). We hope you'll want to get involved.

A list of our upcoming trips can be found above. There's lots of useful information for new and prospective members here like trip reports: a typical Wales (fresher's) trip and a typical Yorkshire trip.

You can email us on our gmail if you have any questions, or you can join our facebook group to get the latest info on trips and socials.

Our next appearance will be in Beit Quad at Fresher's Fair, maybe we will see (or have seen) you there. On Wednesday 4th October we have a welcome talk, followed by a talk on our cave exploration expedition at 12pm in Union Meeting Room 1 (all welcome), followed by an equipment familiarisation session (read: climbing in trees with our caving kit) in Princes Gardens at 1 pm (and every Wednesday at 12pm thereafter). Also find us at the Union Bar, every Tuesdays from 6pm for beer and wildly exaggerated tales of past caving adventures - look for a caving helmet to find us!

Here's a video from an ancient president, describing the caving club. Some say he is still caving to this day..


Glorious weather greeted our first trip of the year to God's Own Country. We made our way down Juniper Gulf, an impressive rift cave with a huge shaft, and on Sunday we practiced rigging in Kingsdale.


The weather was a little unsettled for our planned Penyghent assault so instead we wandered up Masongill for a go at Marble Steps and Ireby on Saturday. Sensible people returned to Ireby on Sunday whilst some severely misled people visited Rift Pot.


In spite of the heavy showers which barred access to the OFD streamway, Saturday saw a satisfying mélange of trips from the Top entrance, with visits to Swamp Creek, Bagpipe Chamber and Midnight Passage. We visited Cwm Dwr on Sunday checking out the Divers Pitch and the Confluence.


ICCC is always hungry for caving and so we decided to go caving in Hungary. We spent 6 days exploring the best caves Hungary has to offer. Nestled in the Bukk Mountains we traversed several km underground through Baradla Barlang, a vast river, descended 300 m on iron ladders deep into Szepesi, and caved with the Budapest caving clubs finest.

Revolution is in the air. The masses are weary of rampant globalisation enforced upon them by liberal elite. Too long had their voices been unheard. Democracy trumps all in the end and so, in a grand populist message to the establishment, the old guard has been swept away and a new better order has been established.

Congratulations to the new committee:

James Perry
Arun Paul
Secretary / Social Secretary:
Rebecca Diss
Tackle Master:
Peter Ganson
Tours Secretary:
Isha Shaz
Health and Safety Officer:
James Wilson
Medical Officer:
Jarvist Frost

And also commiserations to the winners of the following awards:

Herman Herz: Arun Paul for obvious reasons.
For Evans' Sake: Tanguy Racine (again) for so many obvious reasons deposited around the place.