Two bold ICCC members venture into the outside world and accidentally socialise with non-ICCC cavers. They may have also learned some cave biology.


A wild Kingsdale weekend consisting of a successful King trip and a soggy and unsuccessful Swinsto/Simpsons exchange on the Saturday, followed by an exciting never-before-contemplated pull-through/derig in Swinsto on Sunday and some excellent faff/rigging practice with ten Craven members in Heron on Sunday.

We go to Sardinia for a week, camp in Su Palu, swim in Locoli, eat risotto and generally get muddy around plentiful formations and caverns measureless to man.


The Imperial Democratic People's Republic of Caving has once again demonstrated it's superiority by conducting "democratic" elections far more convincing than many others that have taken place this year. Despite having no consitutional limits on re-election and a voting system based almost entirely on how much people have had to drink the caving club has avoided the ugly stain of autocracy by electing fresh new figureheads.

Congratulations to the new committee:

Rebecca Diss
Jennifer Ryder
Jack Halliday
Tackle Master:
James Wilson
Health and Safety Officer:
Arun Paul
Social Secretary:
Úna Barker

And also commiserations to the winners of the following awards:

Herman Herz: All occupants of the bivi during the lightning incident for the lightning incident.
For Evans' Sake: Jennifer Ryder for leading her friends into a literal river of shit and being the source of some creatively used vomit at CHECC.


The elite make their way to the SWCC along with a couple of NUCC humans for a weekend of drinking and glitter tattoos and perhaps some caving.


We (intentionally) met up with Notthingham and Exeter at the Belfry for a long night of caving games before joint NUCC/ICCC visits to Swildon's (x3), GB (x1), Easwater (x1) and Burrington Combe (x1). Sunday saw renewed bailing on the Short Round as well as photography in the abundantly decorated Manor Farm Swallet.


The Dales was rammed so we ended up in deepest darkest Horton, at the Craven hut. This enabled a trip to Little Hull and was not a detriment to a trip to Gaping Ghyll on Saturday. On Sunday a team probed Sell Gill whilst a clandestine group of D.O.G.G.E.R.S checked out a secret dig.


A small crack team braved the cold wilds of Yorkshire, snatching two great trips on Masongill (Ireby Fell Cavern and Large Pot) before being forced to retreat to London by a blizzard.

A superb winter tour which saw almost all of the rigging carried out by the next generation of leaders. We tackled club classics like Notts 1 and Gaping Ghyll, and tackled a few less usual ones like Death's Head and Yordas.


Do you dare to open the blood soaked tome called 'The Silent Watchers'. An epic fantasy, roller-coaster of a tale in ten chapters, full to the brim with sizzling gypsies. We also went to Lost Johns', Heron Pot and Yordas