A disgustingly competent trip into Notts Pot saw teams down the Centre, Left, and Adamsons'. We all go to the exchange point and no one ran out of rope or forgot any vital bits of equipment. No, really. On Sunday we bimbled back and forth in a surprisingly dry Notts 2. The scaffolding was appraised as unsafe by a civil engineering student.


The first pilgrimage to Greenclose of the year. We rigged all of West Kingsdale on Saturday (or near enough) with trips top Aquamole, Jingling, Bull, and Yordas. On Sunday we picked off the stragglers of Saturday's assault with a trip into Heron and a Swinsto pull-through.


The one with the inaugural treasure hunt, fun with Notts, and copious numbers of people in the OFD system.


A manic first trip with 22 cavers heading to South Wales. Classic trips into Ogof Fynnon Dddu on Saturday. OFD and Porth Yr Ogof along with the more esoteric Ogof Fechanon on Sunday!

Welcome, 2018 freshers, to the Imperial College Caving Club website! If you’re interested in caving, then this is probably the place for you.

There’s a list of our upcoming trips above and the website contains loads of useful info for new and prospective members here. You can also check out our trip reports (e.g. Wales + Yorkshire for a better idea of what a weekend with us entails!

If you have any questions, feel free to email us on our gmail account, or join our facebook group to get the most up to date info on trips and socials.

We’ll be in Beit Quad for Fresher’s Fair and hope to see you there! We’ll also be holding a meet & greet plus tree training (aka dangling from trees in caving kit) in Princes Gardens from 12pm on Wednesday 3rd October. If you’re not sure where to go, we’ll be in pretty noticeable caving kit mingling around one of the big trees on the Ethos side of the gardens. Tree training will then occur every Wednesday of first term from 12pm!

You can find us at the Union Bar/FiveSixEight every Tuesday from 6pm where we’ll be drinking beer and possibly be in the possession of a noticeable caving helmet.

Watch this video for some more info on the club and how to get involved from one of our ex-presidents!

A return to Ticino, the Italian-speaking southern part of Switzerland and a self-proclaimed 'Eldorado' of canyoning! Four years ago a novice team of inexperienced canyoners first got their feet (and the rest of their bodies) wet in these gorgeous gorges, and this year we returned: battle hardened, grizzled and with much, much thicker wetsuits.


The elite ventured to the SWCC to tackle OFD1, 2 and 3 plus a nice soaking in White Lady Cave.


A mass attack on the Penyghent saw a pleasing variety of novel caves explored with cavers in Penyghent (plus Friday the 13th), Dale Head, and FOUL Pot. On Sunday, aided by excellent weather, we did an Alum/Diccan exchange.


We went back to the Mendips to meet Jen's dog. Also includes trips to Swildon's and Thrupe Lane Swallet.


A fun weekend at Bullpot Farm exploring the vastness of Easegill. We had trips into Lancaster Hole, Cow Pot, Wretched Rabbit, Pippikin, Bullpot of the witches, Aygill caverns, Lancaster Hole again and Bullpot of the witches again! All this, and home by 10 pm on Sunday.