Recent Trips

A relaxed, manure-filled weekend in the Mendips.

A glorious week in the NPC with much caving, a Christmas dinner and of course, hair cuts.


Dazzled by sunshine and frost, we abandoned our Notts plans and invaded other caves instead.


A weekend of caving, competitions and bus mishaps.


A weekend in Yorkshire at the Bradford Pothole Club. Epic plans for Alum Pot were made but thwarted by other overly keen cavers, and trips down to Kingsdale were made with little faffing.


Pumpkins were carved, games were played and caves were enjoyed on the second trip of the year. Despite torrential rain on Friday we introduced the freshers to the delights of OFD 1 and OFD 2 on Saturday, keeping well out of the main streamway. Brighter weather on Sunday saw us heading into OFD 2 and Cwm Dwr, and returning to Pant Mawr Pot for the first time in 16 years.


The first freshers trip to Wales saw many exciting and lovely trips down to OFD I, OFD II and Cwm Dwr.

Welcome, 2019 freshers, to the Imperial College Caving Club website! If you’re interested in caving, then this is probably the place for you.

There’s a list of our upcoming trips above and the website contains loads of useful info for new and prospective members here. You can also check out our trip reports (e.g. Wales + Yorkshire for a better idea of what a weekend with us entails!

If you have any questions, feel free to email us on our gmail account, or join our facebook group to get the most up to date info on trips and socials.

We will be starting our weekly tree training sessions on Wednesday (2nd October) from 1 - 5pm. If you’re not sure where to go, we’ll be in pretty noticeable caving kit mingling around one of the big trees on the Ethos side of the gardens.

You can find us at the Union Bar/FiveSixEight every Tuesday from 6pm where we’ll be drinking beer and possibly be in the possession of a noticeable caving helmet.


A weekend at the eccentric Croydon caving hut featuring odd members and a horrific number of successful trips.


Just 7 souls met in Yorkshire for a scorchio bank holiday weekend. We made a novel visit to Gavel Pot on Saturday, had a grand trip down Penyghent Pot on Sunday, and did a classic rigging trip in Jingling Pot on Monday. An excellent beginning, or end, to the year's caving.