Date Destination Hut Caves
9th - 11th June Wales SWCC OFD
16th - 18th June Yorkshire NPC Penyghent
24th June - 1st July France Hopefully Chartreuse Mountains
7th July - 7th August Slovenia Expedition Migovec Sistem Migovec

Revolution is in the air. The masses are weary of rampant globalisation enforced upon them by liberal elite. Too long had their voices been unheard. Democracy trumps all in the end and so, in a grand populist message to the establishment, the old guard has been swept away and a new better order has been established.

Congratulations to the new committee:

James Perry
Arun Paul
Secretary / Social Secretary:
Rebecca Diss
Tackle Master:
Peter Ganson
Tours Secretary:
Isha Shaz
Health and Safety Officer:
James Wilson
Medical Officer:
Jarvist Frost

And also commiserations to the winners of the following awards:

Herman Herz: Arun Paul for obvious reasons.
For Evans' Sake: Tanguy Racine (again) for so many obvious reasons deposited around the place.

Announcement: AGM 21st March 7pm Union bar. Don't miss the election of the new committee!

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A trip to the surprsingly pleasant Peak District. Our party did the classic JH to Peak trip (through Colostomy crawl of course) on Saturday and on Sunday some explored more of Peak and others derigged JH.

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Throughly pissed on by the back end of Doris we were rained out of several caves on Saturday. Jingling, Bull and Rowten all too wet! Sunday trips to Easegill (Lanc and WR) with mixed success.

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A mean, lean team set off from London with one goal — to cave until we could cave no more. On Saturday Tanguy lead us on a mad dash from Top Sink through to Stake Pot, splitting into a Lank and Mistral team. On Sunday we tackled the glories of Alum and the thrutchy majesty of Washfold.

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We picked up three stray cavers hitch hiking along the M1 to swell our ranks in view of a three-pronged attack on Kingsdale. On Saturday we visited mighty King, pernicious Vespers and damp Rowten. Sunday saw a jaunt to Sunset Hole and Great Douk in wintry conditions.

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We return to the Mendips for our annual baptism in Sump 1. Two teams in Swildon's on Saturday, and one in Longwood Swallet. The SMCC has a fantastic new squeeze machine which we combined with a table to create our own speleolympics in the evening. Sunday saw a trip to GB and another Swildons round trip (as well as an expedition to a tea shop).

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A week long caving extravaganza. The first day exhausted our rope store with 5 caves rigged on Kingsdale; Vespers, Simpsons', Swinsto, Aquamole and Jingling. We fully explored Leck Fell with visits to Box Head, Notts 1, Lost Johns' and Death's Head. We also visited Little Hull, Gaping Ghyll and various trips through Easegill. And of course we had our annual rescue techniques training sesh.

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