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Calendar Spring 2015

30th Dec '14 - 5th Jan '15 : Winter Tour, Yorkshire, NPC
23rd - 25th Jan : Mendips, Wessex Cottage
20nd - 22nd Feb : Derbyshire, TSG Cottage
6th - 8th March : Yorkshire, Bullpot Farm
1st - 22nd April : There and Back Again Expedition, New Zealand

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Fresher Info

  • Weekly meetings Tuesday 7.00pm in the Union Bar
  • Tree Training on Wednesday at 2pm in Princes Gardens
  • Weekend trips fortnightly during term
Club membership is £25 (click to buy online), first two trips of the year are £10 for new members, £35 thereafter. Bring food for the journey up, everything else provided for. Click here for more information

Why go caving?

New Zealand

2–24th April '15

We've started a sub site to document our upcoming expedition to New Zealand. Check here for an introduction to the expedition, news on our preparations and ultimately the expedition itself!

Sub site

Mendips I

23 – 25th Jan '15

The new year began with the annual Mendips trip. Normally very popular and this year was no exception! Satuday saw most of the group head into Swildons, with two short round teams and one sump bounce team. Sunday saw a variety of activity, some in Eastwater, some on ladder retrieval duty in Swildons and some practicising SRT rescue techniques on the tower.

Trip Report | Photos

Winter Tour

30th Dec '14 – 6th Jan '15

We've survived another year of caving and what better way to cap it off than a week in beautiful Yorkshire? This winter tour saw us welcoming the New Year in Easegill, some classic Lost John's action, a trip to the ever-impressive Gaping Ghyll, and a rope rescue training sesh to finish!

Trip Report | Photos

Derbyshire I

12–14th December 2014

The threat of Derbyshire discouraged many and we were left with only the keenest, crackedest cavers. Despite our Peak District misgivings it turned out to be an excellent trip. We managed an audible exchange in Maskhill/Oxlow on Saturday. On Sunday we, under the direction of our newer cavers, probed the many horrible muddy crawls of Peak.

Trip Report | Photos

Yorkshire II

28–30th November 2014

Another massive Yorkshire trip! To the surprise of many we pulled of a complete Lost Johns visit with every route rigged and the bottom reached. Certainly something we haven't done in a long time. On Sunday we visited Notts 2, throughly inspecting the scaffolding and subsequent cave.

Trip Report | Photos

Yorkshire I

14–16th November 2014

Our first Yorkshire trip proved to be very popular despite the lack of permits. West Kingsdale therefore was the unlucky host of 18 ICCCers on Satruday in Bull, Jingling, Rowten and Simpsons! Sunday saw a couple of teams swapping caves, Bull and Jingling, cleverly left rigged on Saturday and definitely no-one went to Gaping Ghyll.

Trip Report | Photos

Wales II

31–2nd November 2014

Back to OFD, this time getting right into the stream way on Saturday although turning back before Top waterfall with detours to see Trident and Judge. Sunday saw a visit to Porth Y Ogof, which was doubly fun due to exceptionally high water levels.

Trip Report | Photos

Wales I

17–19th October 2014

A great first trip to Wales. Based in the WSG we had trips to OFD (top entrance) where we did the short loop, high waters preventing us getting into the streamway safely. On Sunday we visited the beautiful Bridge and White Lady caves.

Trip Report | Photos

Welcome 2014-2015 Cavers


Hello new IC students!

Welcome to the Imperial College Caving Club website. If you are interested in caving, you've come to the right place.

We are an active and friendly club. We have regular weekend caving trips, mid-week meet ups in London, and foreign expeditions (...holidays). We hope you'll want to get involved.

A list of our upcoming trips can be found above, as well as on our GCal. There's lots of useful information for new and prospective members here. You can also check out our trip reports in the menu to the left. A typical Wales (fresher's) trip; A typical Yorkshire trip. And please email us on our gmail if you have any questions.

Our next appearance will be in Beit Quad at Fresher's Fair, maybe we will see (or have seen) you there. After that join us in Princes Gardens each Wednesday at 1pm where we will be doing an equipment familiarisation session (read: climbing in trees with our caving kit) or at the Union Bar on Tuesdays at 7pm (starting 8/10/13) for beer and wildly exaggerated tales of past caving adventures.

Also check out our new promo video made by James O'Hanlon:

Yorkshire 0

19–21th September 2014

A pre-term trip to Yorkshire to hone our leadership and teamworking skills. Saturday saw the smaller cave connoisseurs of the group head to trapdoor with its ominously named squeezes; The Ripper, The Gripper and The Stripper. A less masochistic group did SRT practice in Ireby Fell. On Sunday Alum was the cave of choice to enjoy the sunshine.

Trip Report | Photos


6–14th September 2014

Canyoning! Like caving without the roof. With rope, wetsuits and a bumper book of canyons in Ticino we travelled to Northern Italy and Southern Switzerland for aquatic fun. A very succesfuly trip seeing 5 trips to 4 canyons, a lot of olive and bread eaten and only 1 hire car totalled.

Trip Report | Photos

Skozi Zrcalo — Migovec 2014

11th July–17th August

The club was on expedition to Tolminski Migovec, Slovenia, from the 11th July to the 17th August. There we joined the local JSPDT to continue exploration of the Tolminski Migovec mountain. Our plan is to setup an underground camp in the Migovec System at Camp X-Ray, and push the deep leads at 800-972 m of depth. The best source of in the field updates will probably be twitter, photos are most likely to appear on facebook as people come down from the mountain / fly home. We have a talk planned for Hidden Earth 2014 in September.

Expedition Subsite | Facebook Event | Twitter Updates

France Mini Tour

24–30th June 2014

Showing incredible enthusiasm and an increasing desperation to breathe something other than diesel fumes ICCC fled to the Midi-Pyrenees on an unprecedented second foreign tour. With help from local contacts we visited three caves in total, Degaudez, Coume Ferrat, and Portillon (Portaloo). Other highlights include a walk to a frozen lake and a bbq in the pissing rain.

Trip Report | Photos

Wales III

13–15th June 2014

An ambitious plan to camp in Daren began ominously with broken van keys and the president out of action in a (non union)van/bike incident. Undeterred the team struck out and made a good go of Daren. Repeating the entrance crawl twice in one day is probably punishment enough for failing to find the way on. A seperate contigent accompanied the hut warden on a survey trip into Aggy, whilst the patched up president wandered across the hills.

Trip Report | Photos

Easter Tour

31st March–7th April 2014

Striking out from the damp and dark of the UK ICCC ventured to a far off paradise, Sardinia. The caves are warm, the sun is hot, the wine is cheap. We had a wonderful time visiting Su Palu, Su Bentu, and Sa Routta 'e S'Edera and meeting the Nuoro caving club who kindly showed us round. I can see why we keep going back!

Trip Report | Photos

Sic Semper Tyrannis

18th March 2014

Feeling the winds of change the cavers of ICCC gathered to choose the lucky few who would lead them into the next year. Through several rousing speeches (mostly consisting of nominating someone else for the job), thrilling debates ("You do it" "I already did it, you do it"), and finally indisputably fair voting (nominating a coin toss as a candidate when you're losing is standard practice) the committee was chosen.

Congratulations to:

  President: Tanguy Racine
  Treasurer: Oliver Myerscough
  Secretary: Elijah Choi
  Tackle Master: Jack Hare
  Tours Secretary: Rhys Tyers
  Medical Officer: William French
  Honorary Morale Officer: David Kirkpatrick

  For Evans' Sake: Tanguy Racine for valiant attempts at decorating the SMCC
  Herman Herz: Samuel Page for narrowly escaping a boulder based assassination attempt by Kate

Yorkshire IV

21–23rd March 2014

A lightweight trip to Yorkshire to round off the term. The keen crack team had a variety of adventures in Easegill on Saturday and a very lightweight team had a visit to the spectacular Alum.

Trip Report | Photos

Mendips III

07–9th March 2014

In a brilliant display of cunning and subterfuge we organised a trip to the Mendips to conincide with Jarv's surprise birthday celebration. At long last we managed to complete the short round trip in Swildons on Saturday finding that on our previous attempts we had been mere metres from the correct way on. In the evening we joined the eclectic gathering of Jarv's friends and family and made a sizeable dent in the huge array of delcious treats and alcohol. On Sunday we relaxed on a sunny Priddy green until it was time to head home.

Yorkshire III

21–23rd February 2014

Yorkshire called upon us once more. We extensively visited Easegill with 4 different trips interweaving on the Saturday. We visited Top, Lanc, Cow, County, Link, and Wretched Rabbit. Sunday saw some enthusiasm but no action due to a bodged plan to retrieve some rope.

Trip Report | Photos

Yorkshire II

07–09th February 2014

With three brand new cavers in tow we set off on our first Yorkshire trip of 2014. We managed a surprising variety of trips including King Pot, Bull Pot, Jingling, and even a recon to valley entrance.

Trip Report | Photos

Mendips II

24–26th January 2014

The Mendip trip proved exceptionally popular this year with nearly 25 cavers showing their faces at some point over the weekend. Swildons was the cave of choice for students (and Tetley) with an old lag contingent plumbing the depths of GB. Saturday night's festivities put most people off caving on Sunday but a keen team went and retrieved the ladder from Swildons and also looked at Eastwater.

Trip Report | Photos

Yorkshire Winter Tour

13–20th December 2013

A classic winter tour, full of debauchery, rain, and van breakdowns. Also some caving. We visited Notts, Lost John's, Rowten, and Easegill. A walk up Ingleborough for good measure too!

Trip Report | Photos

Derbyshire I

22–24th November 2013

A full minibus headed out to Derbyshire picking up a bedraggled hitchhiker (DKP) on the way. Lots of caving done, lots to Peak including an ambitious Peak <-> JH exchange (more ambitious in one direction I think) that was mostly succesful as well as a few trips to Eldon. We showed our faces at CHECC and danced the nights away with them.

Trip Report | Photos

Yorkshire I

8–10th November 2013

Lots of cavers, lots of fun! Due to some sort of cascade effect everyone came on this trip. We managed a three way exchange (Stream, Flood, Bar) in Gaping Gill complete with a magical Chinese lantern display in the main chamber as well as trips to both Jingling and Wretched Rabbit. Most people managed a trip to Notts 2 on Sunday, remaining as entertaining and pretty as ever.

Trip Report | Photos

Wales II

25–27th October 2013

Another superb trip to Wales, blessed by rainbows and minimal drizzle. Agen Allwedd's distant turkey streamway got a visit by most of the group, whilst a smaller party did a photo recon of the main passage. Despite a hard trip, eveyone was eager to demonstrate their skills at a variety of caving games. The night left a few souls incapacitated on Sunday but the majority managed a bimble around Eglwys Faen.

Trip Report | Photos

Wales I

11–13th October 2013

The start of the caving year has come! A group of wide-eyed and eager freshers were led down the depths of OFD, visiting such sights as Top Waterfall and Swamp Creek, roused by classic caving songs; 'What shall we do with the drunken caver?', 'Captain Kangaroo' and 'Bingo Granny'. On Sunday most people went to get thoroughly confused in PYOs interweaving crawls and climbs, with a couple opting to get drenched walking instead.

Trip Report | Photos

Welcome 2013-14 Cavers!

30th September 2013

Hello new cavers!

Welcome to the Imperial College Caving Club website. If you are interested in caving, you're in the right place.

We are an active and friendly club. We have regular trips, meet ups and foreign expeditions (...holidays) and we hope you'll want to get involved.

A list of our upcoming trips can be found above, as well as on our GCal. There's lots of useful information for new and prospective members here. You can also check out our trip reports in the menu to the left to find out more about our trips. A typical Wales (fresher's) trip. A typical Yorkshire trip.

Our next appearance will be in Beit Quad at fresher's fair, maybe we will see (or have seen) you there. After that join us in Princes Gardens each Wednesday at 1pm where we will be doing an equipment familiarisation session (read: climbing in trees with our caving kit) or at the Union Bar on Tuesdays at 7pm (starting 8/10/13) for beer and wildly exaggerated tales of past caving adventures.

Mendips I

27–29th September 2013

A hardened team of alpine expedition cavers braved the depths of Swildon's in a daring trip to the Mendips. The short round was nearly completed but, eager for adventure, everyone elected to go back through the ducks and sump (not because we couldn't find the way on). Sunday saw a resupply mission to Cheddar where some people bought ample supplies of cheese and cider after gorging on cream teas.

Trip Report | Photos

Z Miga na Kuk - Slovenia 2013

Imperial are currently on expedition Z Miga na Kuk (Slovenia 2013) and will be in the field July 12th – August 18th. Updates here will be rather patchy, but keep up to date directly from the mountain via Tweets and Facebook updates.

Updates: Twitter | Facebook Event

Derbyshire II

7–9th June 2013

A pleasant and productive trip to Derbsyhire. For a change staying at the TSG, ICCC managed trips to Oxlow, Maskhill and Peak.

Trip Report | Photos

Easter Tour

16–24th April 2013

The ICCC once again leaves the confines of Yorkshire! We headed out to Andalucia in Spain for a week of caving, canyoning, via ferrata and most importantly; wine. We succesfully completed 3 caves, including 1 to a depth of 300metres. We traversed several via ferrata routes, a sport sure to return in future tours. And we had a go at 1 canyon. All the time making new friends amongst the local cavers.

Trip Report | Photos

Yorkshire V

22–26th March 2013

The end of term spectacular! The winter decided to give it one more go so ICCC spent a great amount of time battling blizzard conditions and trudging through snow to go caving. Caves visited included Shuttleworth and Great Douk.

Trip Report | Photos

Yorkshire IV

8–10th March 2013

A return to Yorkshire.

Trip Report

Yorkshire III

22–24th February 2013

Home at last, the NPC! This weekend a small, rather international team headed into King Pot. The T-shapped passage made a lasting impression on everybody, a particularly fine first UK trip for two of our members. Sunday, however, was spent exploring the depths of Ingleton. The sweet shop made a lasting impression on everybody, a particularly fine first UK doss for two of our members.

Trip Report | Photos

Yorkshire II

08–10th February 2013

Bullpot farm, ever a favourite for it's proximity to Easegill, once again proved most hospitable. On Saturday three teams went in three different entrances; Cow, Pippikin, and Wretched Rabbit. On Sunday, despite the blizzard conditions a team headed down Lancaster for a quick photo trip.

Trip Report | Photos

Mendips I

25–27th January 2013

The first trip of the new year was a resounding success. It seems like everyone turned up. Swildon's saw a few teams completing tours to sump 1 and back and others bailing for hours before managing the short round. The night passed by in a blur of alcohol and caving games leaving many too tired for caving. A determined group headed to Eastwater on Sunday, with everyone else enjoying a variety of cakes and pastries.

Trip Report | Photos

Yorkshire Winter Tour

14–23rd Dec 2012

Ah, Winter Tour! Recently we've had a lotta lotta snow. This year we had a lotta lotta rain, while the temperature stayed resolutely above freezing. Though this restricted our choice of caves, it meant that at least we didn't have any problems driving to the entrances!
The usual mix of hardcore caving, experimental cooking (with the now excellent NPC facilities) and one-on-one tuition of leading and rigging skills was enjoyed by over a dozen cavers who made it along.

Trip Report | Photos

Derbyshire I

23–25th November 2012

Come rain or shine, we go caving. In this case mostly rain which lead to some difficulties. A Saturday trip to Giants had to be cut short due to concerns about the water level, however a successful trip to Oxlow introduced many to the delights of SRT. On Sunday our Peak Cavern permit proved useless with the cave being inaccesible due to flooding but undeterred we went to Carlswark Cavern instead. It may not be as big as Peak but it was just as fun!

Trip Report | Photos

Yorkshire I

9–11th November 2012

This trip marked the beginning of the SRT season with a classic Lost John's exchange. We rigged Centipede and Dome, and down beyond to the main streamway. Most turned back at the Battleaxe, but a few brave souls descending a booming Valhalla and marvelled at the shuddering bulk of the waterfall. Clare's birthday was celebrated in style with candles & cake at the Battleaxe Traverse. We delved into the delights of Notts 2 on Sunday. Here a novel system of ladders, scaffolding and cinder blocks leads down the vertical entrance shaft and into the very enjoyable and pretty streamway.

Trip Report | Photos

Summer Expedition Report

November 2012

Gathering together all the various results of our summer expedition is taking a long time—the complexity of the total, now connected, system is requiring a lot of effort to produce a survey on the same projection. We have thousands of photos to edit & select from, hundreds of expedition reports & stories to gather. However, motivated by some immoveable deadlines, we have managed to get together a provisional written report (as submitted to our Union as our summer tour report), and produced a provisional Extended-Elevation survey (with Slovene labels, for submission to the Jamar magazine).

We'll continue working on our surveys, extending & editing our expedition report, and try and get some of the many photos uploaded here.

SysMig 2012 Extended Elevation (Slovene, PDF) | Union Tour Report (Google Docs)
BCRA 2012 Slides ( | HD Video Render of Survey Data (Youtube)

Wales Fresher Trip II

26–28th October 2012

As if compensating for last trip this time we ferried 18 cavers to Whitewalls in Llangattock. On Saturday we crowded into Agen Allwedd and split into two teams, one having a bimble around near the second choke and another storming up and down Turkey Streamway. Sunday saw a return to Ogof Pen Eryr with it's corkscrew climb charming many freshers. A 'crack' team also descended into Ogof Cnwc to scout the way to Daren.

Trip Report

Wales Fresher Trip I

12–14th October 2012

Another year, another clutch of freshers to introduce to the wonders of Sports Caving! Our ranks were rather decimated by fresher flu, but we still pulled off a lovely trip to Wales getting to experience the Ogof Ffynnon Ddu Streamway in all its roaring greatness, and then sample the aquatic depths of Porth yr Ogof on the Sunday. Pizza and crumble, followed by caving games enjoyed by the cosy log fire of the WSG hut.

Trip Report

ICCC is 50!

28–30th September 2012

ICCC is 50! What better way is there for a caving club to celebrate its anniversary than by going caving? So we treked to Yorkshire to find the NPC overrun by hordes of prior members (almost unbroken back to the early 70s). On Saturday we rigged Flood, Bar and Stream, then returned to the hut (via the New Inn) to wolf a massive curry, and crack out the slide projector. A truly wonderful weekend, all the better because we just got together, like we always have, to go caving.

Trip Report

The Longest Cave in Slovenia

14th August 2012

Our 18 year Odyssey in the Hollow Mountain (Tolminski Migovec) has reached a notable milestone with the connection of Vrtnarija to System Migovec, making it the longest cave in Slovenia!

It's difficult to put into words how much this means to the people who have spent years (even decades!) dedicating their free time to this exploration project. Clewin (first expedition 1997) put it beautifully: "Everybody has a made a contribution, from surveying hundreds of meters of horizontal passages to pushing ridiculously tight rifts or squalid muddy dead ends to feeding hungry cavers in the bivvy."

(Non-Caver) Press Release | Twitter @ICCC

Sledi Vetra - Migovec 2012

13th July - 19th Aug 2012

And so off to Migovec again!
We start the expedition with Vrtnarija at 11025/888 m and the recently extended Sysmig at 11846 / 970 m. Searching for the elusive connection between the two systems (and thus forging the longest cave in Slovenia) and deep camping in Vrtnarija to continue the exploration of the 2010 and 2011 finds are the main aims of this 5 week expedition. However, there are many other projects on the side, and we will be tweeting updates from our mountaintop bivouac.

Twitter @ICCC | Facebook Event | Expedition Page

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