Date Destination Hut Caves
16 - 18th Oct Wales WSG Cottage OFD
30th Oct - 1st Nov Wales WSG Cottage OFD
13 - 15th Nov Yorkshire NPC Cottage Kingsdale
27 - 29th Nov Yorkshire Bullpot Farm Easegill
11 - 13th Dec Yorkshire NPC Cottage Leck Fell
29th Dec - 5th Jan Yorkshire NPC Cottage All of them!

Fresher Info

  • We have weekly meetings Tuesday 7.00pm in the Union Bar, everyone is welcome.
  • Tree Training (practice rope descending/climbing) on Wednesday at 12pm in Princes Gardens
  • Weekend trips fortnightly during term

Club membership is £24 (click to buy online), first two trips of the year are £10 for new members, £35 thereafter. Bring food for the journey up, everything else provided for. Click here for more information.

Hello 2015 freshers! Welcome to the Imperial College Caving Club website. If you are interested in caving, you've come to the right place.

We are an active and friendly club. We have regular weekend caving trips, mid-week meet ups in London, and foreign expeditions (...holidays). We hope you'll want to get involved.

A list of our upcoming trips can be found above. There's lots of useful information for new and prospective members here. You can also check out our trip reports in the menu to the left. A typical Wales (fresher's) trip and A typical Yorkshire trip.

You can email us on our gmail if you have any questions. Or you can join our facebook group to get the latest info on trips and socials.

Our next appearance will be in Beit Quad at Fresher's Fair, maybe we will see (or have seen) you there. After that join us in Princes Gardens each Wednesday at 12pm where we will be doing an equipment familiarisation session (read: climbing in trees with our caving kit) or at the Union Bar, every Tuesdays from 7pm for beer and wildly exaggerated tales of past caving adventures - look for a caving helmet to find us!

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Thumbnail of photo from this article

Our first trip of the year, and time to tackle a tough cave we've had our eyes on for a while - Simpsons-Swinsto


Another year, another excellent expedition to Slovenia. With 2.2 km discovered in Vrtnarija, all below 600 m, Pivo Moz 2015 was another successful year for ICCC. Significant work went into the pushing of the leads off Sic Semper Tyrannis which led to the closure of an 840m loop in the south, while Colarado Duck (formerly Sump) was passed with a further 270m found beyond, in the northern reaches of the cave. Aven climbing at Strap on the Nitro enabled the discovery of 294 m of south trending passage heading towards Wonderstuff in the ‘old system’.

In April 2015, eight cavers from Imperial College Caving club went to the south island of New Zealand to search for new cave systems. Poor weather forced us to abandon our original destination of Mt Owen, and we instead went to Takaka Hill. You can find more information on our expedition on our subsite.

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A classic Yorkshire trip! A very sociable Easegill traverse on Saturday with everyone heading from County to either Cow or Lanc and Sunday saw a small team doing a bimble into County to collect the ropes.

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Derbyshire once again ensared us in it's icey grip and despite some blizzard conditions we managed a JH --> Peak trip on Saturday with some bouncing and some doing the full through trip. A small derig trip on Sunday nearly ended in disaster when half metre snow drifts cut off Rowter farm whilst the deriggers were underground.

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The new year began with the annual Mendips trip. Normally very popular and this year was no exception! Satuday saw most of the group head into Swildons, with two short round teams and one sump bounce team. Sunday saw a variety of activity, some in Eastwater, some on ladder retrieval duty in Swildons and some practicising SRT rescue techniques on the tower.

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We've survived another year of caving and what better way to cap it off than a week in beautiful Yorkshire? This winter tour saw us welcoming the New Year in Easegill, some classic Lost John's action, a trip to the ever-impressive Gaping Ghyll, and a rope rescue training sesh to finish!

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The threat of Derbyshire discouraged many and we were left with only the keenest, crackedest cavers. Despite our Peak District misgivings it turned out to be an excellent trip. We managed an audible exchange in Maskhill/Oxlow on Saturday. On Sunday we, under the direction of our newer cavers, probed the many horrible muddy crawls of Peak.

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