The wiki will be used for organising big trips.
It may also be used for getting people to write trip reports, then migrating them to fixed pages.
If you want to add useful content to the main site, please email the digimeister.

  • Norway - Summer 2015

    For Summer Tour, we are heading to Norway! The dates will be primarily 27th June to 12th July, the first two weeks of College Holiday. There is the option for a third week for a small party, dependant on transport and interest. 
    Basically add your name, and how you plan to travel (default minibus). If you're planning to do alternative travel, please say: when, if/how many people you can take, and if/how many boats you can take. Awesome. 

  • My First Trip

    My First Trip
    Embarking upon your first canoe club trip? Your questions answered here...
    What happens on a typical canoe club trip?
    In a nutshell, you'll have a wicked weekend, and at the bargain price of £40. Can you have 48 hours of fun in London for that price? Of course not. So book a place.

  • French Alps 2012

    The beginnings of a big organisational page. Add on to here anything that needs group input.
    Here's a list of people going. Add what kit you need, including which boat you want if you need a club one.

  • Summer Tour 2011: Norway

    Let's put together a trip report!