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This will shortly be updated to list all the wonderful places we've been over the years.
In the mean while, they are still all available on the old site.

Lakes Trip - 1/2/3 February 2013


Rory's video of a fantastic trip:

Alps 2012

Attendees (18)
Helen 'innappropriate dream' Cinnamond
William 'Firedragon' Eldred
Joe 'Dont look at my asshole' Bibby
Stefan 'oh no go pro' Zeeman
Carla 'skinny dip' Curtis-Tansley
Alistair 'bug hunter' Cott
Ralph '' Evins
Mark '' Wardle
Stephanie 'trouser chunder' Norwood
Sarah '5 Litre wine challenge' Woolley
Tom " mega clunge" Watson
Reece 'politically correct' Blunt
'Camp' Jamie Koston
Colm '' Hartigan
Julia '' Hall
Robert 'detour' Macrae
Andy 'the Brain' Turner

Alps "Training"

Attendees (5)
Derfogail "cag rash" Delcassian
Will "swimmer" Eldred
Helen "Mood swing" Cinnamond
Joe "cant be bothered to practise, ill just remember it" Bibby
Stefan "Juice hater" Zeeman 
A hardcore saftey training day in preparation for the alps tour!

Surf Weekend

Attendees (11)
Alby "new boat new dent" Roseveare
Ally "rockpooling" Cott
Derfogail "spinach sandwich" Delcassian
Rachel "pro surfer" Fox
Will "tees baraaaaage" Eldred
Helen "sausauge mouth" Cinnamon
Tom "bird catcher" Haywood
Paraic "hate the gt" Scanlon
Joe "monster energy" Bibby
Sabina "woop woop reversing" Delcassian

Pyrenees 2012

Attendees (11)
Adam 'Zombie' Holland
Alby 'Raft Guide' Roseveare
Alex 'Mindspace' Robinson
Ally 'Extreme Minibus Driver' Cott
Derfogail 'Lady Nest' Delcassian
Patrick 'Late Night' Sterling
Rachel 'Lady Nest' Fox
Sabina 'Passport/ Lady Nest' Delcassian
Stefan 'Bra Courier' Zeeman
Tim 'Unexploded Bomb/ Bra Courier' Lamb
Tom 'Portage Expert' Leeman
Honorary Memebers
Lord Poochington
Giselle 'Cheese' ?? (Cheese Cat)
Oscar Cacoshca
Nick Roseveare

AGM 2012

where the new commitee for 2012-13 was formed and the old committee celebrated their successful reign with shots!!........

Winter Tour 2011: Kerry, Ireland

A great winter tour to the south west coast of Ireland for some fantastic whitewater, great parties and much more...


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