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This will shortly be updated to list all the wonderful places we've been over the years.
In the mean while, they are still all available on the old site.

2016 Valentines Trip

Destination: North Wales (the hut)
Author: Andrew
Members: Chairman Mo, Tom “Witness This!” Bloom, Patrick “Throw me the rope” Sterling, DJ Noah in da house, Andrew Pearcy, Enrique Rodriguez, Will Scott, Joash Lee, Izzy “Misses All Girls’ School” Fraser, Adam Malagowski, Sarah Woodrow

Christmas Trip

Adam “head dry” Brown
Josh Lee
Millie "Stop fisting my camembert" Tsang
Mo “Cause I’m Moppy” Unmann
Patrick “Don’t remember your name” Sterling
Sarah “Wet Dream” Woolley
Tim Bliim
Yuri “Two Face” Merla

2015 Lakes Trip (The one when the bus and half the club returned in pieces)

Kent, Crake
Leven, Lune (and the tributary at the put-in)
Yuri “Captain Asia” Merla                             Willem “I think it’s in now” Hilbers
The Mo Parah duo                                          Ally Cott
Joash "I have a car" Lee                                 Sharah Loolley
Elijah “Dick Cheese” Choi                             Noah “Weirwolf" Smith
Matthew “Treehugger” Chan                       Owen Jordan

2015 Devon Trip (aka the sausage fest)

Devon Trip Report (no girls allowed!)
Pablo “the Breaker” Ortega
Robert “I’m not cold” Clark
Willem “Captain Click&Collect” Hilbers
Adam Malagowski
Elijah Choi
Owen “Gin” Jordan
Adam Brown
Ally Cott
Mo “the transporter” Unmann
Malcolm “the author” Perry
Honourable mention: Robert “LSE food” Macrae

2015 Fresher's Trip

Destination: North Wales (the hut)
Author: Ksenia
Members (comment with Nicknames): Ally Cott, Ben Pheifer, Kenneth Tan, Miranda Birt, Suzie Iednarova, Sophia Hyer, Patrick Sterling, Alex Robinson, Robert Macrae, Helen Cinnamond, Will Eldred, Millie Tsang, Noah Smith, Para Natarajan, Nick Kay, Jake Reynolds, Rory Fyffe, Yuri Merla, Andrew Pearcy, Alexander Kent, Fintan O’Connor, Malcolm Perry, Sarah Woolley, Mark Wardle, Mo “still not a driver” Unmann, Ksenia Solovieva

Freshers Trip - Wales!

Destination: North Wales (posh hut)
Members: Will 'too cool for blades' Eldred, Cian 'why paddle?' Leow, Sarah 'inside voice' Woolley
Massively oversubscribed and after an epic shop we met at the union on Friday evening at 5pm. Taking all the kit we could find, we left with surprisingly little faff for Wales. Two minibuses and a Fresher car meant the hut was at full capacity and after Friday night beers some decided the floor next to the oven was preferable to a room with a snoring Joe Bibby.

Winter Tour 2013 - Scotland

Devon - 7-9 November 2012


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