Hi folks,
I'm wondering if there is any interest in wee trip to Corsica in mid April for two weeks? As I am doing a masters we have a few weeks off after exams in early April, not sure how the undergrads courses are structured though. I was there two years ago and it was amazing.
Corsica is full of many styles of rivers but is mostly steep grade IV-V runs in remote scenic valleys. For some info on the week long festival that takes place check out . I realise most of you don't know who I am as I have not been able to go on any trips but I'd be happy to talk to anyone interested in this. I will hopefully have a few mates from Ireland going too.

I am booking flights/ferries this week. If anyone is interested email me. I see you guys are heading to the hills in the middle of France though so assume most would be going on this. Have fun!