Freshers trip


Looks like we will be paddling next weekend then and not in a Welsh pub :(

why, is it actually going to rain?

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From the sad face I assume he's talking about some sort of rugby match...

hmmm yes timing doesn't work out best but perhaps early morning mission if there is water, catch the second half then meet at fresher river?
Met office:
This weekend, it will become increasingly unsettled from the west of the UK, with a spell of wet and windy weather affecting all regions for a time. Brighter, cooler and showery conditions likely to then follow into the north and west later Sunday
Could be potential.....

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Bah! rugby shmugby :-p
Anyone planning on bringing a laptop? I've still got the RCC go-pro, it would be nice to view any footage on saturday night, but the camera itself doesn't have any play back screen.

have we got any mounts yet?
also will hopefully get the videocamera on wednesday so can bring that/ the norway footage

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No mounts as yet, looking here there doesn't seem to be much concensus as to what is best.

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I'll give you a mount.
Also why does every new post have "new" at the top?

Hey ,
I've  seriously been missing my kit since the Scotland trip and so missing lots of boating in the September storms. 
Some of you may recall my ahem 'mild' hangover led to my leaving most of my kit in the bus in April.  I did text Ally at
the time so hopefully it has been washed, dried and nicely folded and awaiting reunion with it's master.
Anyway, if the rats in store haven't eaten it I would greatly appreciate someone bringing it along to the hut at the weekend so I can
grab it.
Can this be arranged?  Pretty please?  I will also happily lend a hand guiding freshers if required.
Stuff I left:
One nookie drybag with cag, deck, helmet, BA and various thermals.
2 small black drybags with first aid kit, mini peli type case, mini red dry bag.
various associated bits and pieces, sling, crab, etc.
Also I think my throwline is around the stores somewhere or in joe's Jefe: yak 25m line.
Quite a lot to forget I know.  I actually thought others had helped carry to the car and load up and I realised as the bus was making it's get away.
Thanking the Bosun in advance.
I will call Ally Cott mid-week and see if he can help.
Hope you all are well.
Mark Wardle.

Hey, can probs stick it all in the bus. Would be good to see you at the weekend, but be prepared to get cosy as we're pushing the boundaries of how many we can sleep in the hut... Spoon time?! Sticking around for a fresher paddle on the Saturday would be much appreciated. See you then!

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How many people do we have coming, I think 33 is the record.

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Also, is anybody willing to let me sleep on their sofa on the Sunday night, my train back home from London is on Monday morning.

Thanks guys. 
I can get down on the Friday night and get the fire on if required. 
Also happy to sleep in the car or bring the tent if necesssary. 
Will be good to catch up and see if I can still remember how to float.

That record will probably be smashed... We'll see how it goes! You're welcome to stay at mine, I offer breakfast too- win! Mark- get the fire going and bring a tent just in case... See you all Friday.

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whoah derf, can we all stay at ures sunday night, especially if brekkie is provided nom  nom!!!
Also does anyone have a spare sleeping bag????
P.S. onesies are COMPULSARY!!!!!!

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@Hels: don't suppose you know whether you can order onesies from Primark online (or what they're actually called)? I shudder at the thought of *actually* having to trek to Primark to get one...

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Looks like we hit the gorge at the perfect moment.
From Rob T's reincarnation of the rainchasers site which is very cool.