Scotland! Winter tour 2012


Hey, just to get the ball rolling ... who is definately interested? Have booked 4 nights in Fort Bill already, need to know numbers for the Ceilidh tickets

Yes yes yes! Estimated cost?

Yeah, still interested. I'll do my normal thing of not attending the ceilidh and getting shot at instead. (Thinking about taking fireworks to shoot back this time)

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Am officially on the fence. =)

Yup, still very much interested :)

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I'm still definitely up for it.  And I'm a big ceilidh fan ... where else can I accidentally kick small children!!!


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Woop ceilidh!
We could take my car if necessary (I might even have roofracks by then). Although if Macrae does his usual fly-drive thing, the rest of us could just pile into a 12 seater.
ps who is Rik's plus one (is there gossip?! )

I'm going on Monsieur Laurent's (of Leeds fame) Scotland tour, we'll be in Fort Bill for the evening of the 31st & 1st.
When/where is the Ceilidh? We're a group of 14, mostly students, so it could be fun!