French Alps 2012

The beginnings of a big organisational page. Add on to here anything that needs group input.
Here's a list of people going. Add what kit you need, including which boat you want if you need a club one.

  • William Eldred - outlaw on bus
  • Joe Bibby - GTX  on bus
  • Alistair Cott - Honcho      on bus
  • Carla Curtis-Tansley- Stretch on bus
  • Helen Cinnamond - diesel  on bus
  • Stefan Zeeman-- Juice? on bus
  • Stephanie Norwood - showdown on bus
  • Thomas Watson  - Yellow inazone  on bus
  • Sarah Woolley - GT  on bus
  • Ralph Evins - Everest on bus (also blades and kit bag)
  • Rob Macrae - Stretch on bus
  • Jamie Koston -- Juice (red and orange) on bus
  • Reece Blunt ----  Blue Juice on bus
  • Colm Hartigan - Own boat on Wardle's car
  • Julia Hall - Own boat on Wardle's car 
  • Mark Wardle - bringing own boat
  • Andy Turner  - I:4 on Wardle's car - please bring my yellow pogos from stores :)
  • Joe Freeman - Own boat on Wardle's car.

Other things to be brought:

  • Plastic welder
  • Canada tent
  • Barbeque
  • Ralph will bring 2-ring gas stove and MSR