Mailing List

If you are a member of the club, you should really add yourself to the mailing list so that you can stay up-to-date with the latest news and events.
In the past, it has been used to inform members of very important (and very unimportant) information; now, we mainly use the message board for this purpose. Only the committee can post messages to the mailing list, so you needn't worry about your inbox being flooded.
If you need to get hold of a committee member, you can find their email addresses on the committee page.
How to add yourself to the list
Go here.
How to remove yourself from the list
Go here, and scroll almost to the bottom of the page - you will find instructions there.
Why is the mailing list called "Slappers"?
References to "Slappers" are gradually fading, but you may have noticed the unusual name here or there.
As to why somebody had the great idea to call the mailing list "Slappers" is something which has been lost in the club's dim and distant past. To answer this question would be akin to answering the question "Why is there never any water around on the weekend when you organise a paddling trip?".
Arguably it could be said that it it was for the entertainment (or annoyance) of the Digimeister who had to deal with the influx of comedy "Why am i subscribed to a slappers society" e-mails after each freshers fair. For example:-

Hello there,
How on earth did you think that i want to join a email list made for slappers?
How did you get my email, or did you (gasp) just subscribe, en-masse,
everyone from the global imperial college email list??
Isn't there a junk mail policy in imperial college?
Does the uni sanction subscribing people without their permission?
I'm unsubscribing from this list using majordomo.
Please don't do this ever again to unsuspecting people who hate their mailboxes
being flooded by bollocks.


We pointed out to Dawn that 'slappers' is the canoe club mailing list which she had in fact signed up for at Freshers' Fair.
We used to have a truely spamtastic canoe club email list, for disseminating important (and not so important) information by email to all our members, and some 150 'old gits'/extended family/randoms.
Unfortunatly the committee often forgot to post the unsubscribe information in their emails.
Some people found themselves condemned to an eternity of canoe club blurb which didn't interest them in the slightest. Will's short tempered email (below) is an amusing illustration of this, but happily these problems are no more - we have a new list management system!

Can you please remove my name from the Canoe Club email list...
I don't care what Erica's email address is. I don't evern know her.
I can't kayak in England when I live over 3000 miles away.

So please stop email me,

The only remaining problem is that some bearded & less bearded geeks from the past (indicative research and carbon dating points to roundabout 1997) have left us with with a maillist with the name of slappers.