Performances in 2016

Wedding Performance

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This summer we were asked to perform at the wedding of two Imperial alumni who had enjoyed the belly dancing societies past performances! We were honoured to be asked to perform on their special day, and loved every minute of it - a real party atmosphere!

ICSM Summer Ball 2016

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This year's theme at the Imperial College School of Medicine's Summer Ball was "Arabian Nights" and so we were kindly asked to perform. The show was great fun, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

Imperial Festival 2016

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Imperial College's annual Imperial Festival took place early May this year, just in time for a heatwave over the weekend. We had great fun performing out in the open - the audience were great, and some of them even got up for a dance with us at the end!

Want to see our dances again? Videos are up here.

Imperial's Got Talent 2016

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Imperial's Got Talent is an annual variety show/competition held by Imperial's Save the Children society, all proceeds going to the charity. This year we were ecstatic to be pronounced the winners of the competition, and are now proud owners of our first performance trophy!

Dance Imperial Show 2016

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Dance Imperial is a society which brings together the 6 dance societies of Imperial, enabling collaboration and better communication between them. This year they hosted their second annual show, where each dance society was able to showcase their best dances of the year alongside the other dancers of Imperial. The show also saw collaboration pieces between different societies, multiple dance styles being incorporated into routines. The show was a sell-out success, filling all 200 seats every night for 3 nights!

Want to see our performances again? We performed a traditional belly dance choreography in the first half, and a tribal fusion choreography in the second half of the show.

End of Term Showcase 2016

Dog Template Every year we host a showcase at the end of March which gives our members the opportunity to perform all the choreographies which they have learnt in class throughout the year, as well as any solos or group dances they might have prepared outside of class. This year was great fun - we even had professional belly dancers close the show: Zoku Tribal, Roxane Grant and Curious Verses all gave beautiful performances!

Full videos of our performances can be found here.

East Meets West 2016

Dog Template This year we were once again asked to perform at East Meets West, an annual show hosted by the Imperial College Indian Society, and the longest-running student show in the country! This year the show was held at the Mermaid Theatre in the centre of London, and we had great fun on the day. Our choreography brought together all levels of the society, complete beginners dancing alongside the most experienced members, in a piece put together by our President and Vice-President, Aarti and Amy!

Artsfest 2016

Dog Template ArtsFest is a week-long event held at Imperial during Spring Term which celebrates all arts activity at Imperial. We were asked to perform at the closing ceremony of the event - this was the first performance of the year, and we were more than happy to be donning our sparkly costumes for the first time in a long time (or for some of us, for the first time ever)!

Performances in 2014

Imperial Festival 2014

Dog Template Last year, we took part in Imperial Festival, a 2-days showcase of performing arts and fun science going on at Imperial to the general public. This year, we did it again!

Videos from our performance are available here

End of Term Showcase 2014

By far the most important event in our calendar, and definitively one of our biggest highlights of this year! Thanks so much to everyone who participated in this event: dancers from the society and from outside Imperial College, friends and family who came to attend the performance, and everyone else who helped make sure this event was so successful!

Didn't get to be there on the day? Catch up on all the dances of everyone here!

I-Night 2014

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Recently we took part in I-night again! Several of our girls across advanced and advanced+ presented 3 choreographies in total, including one with lovely fan veils. Additionally, we also participated in the catwalk organised by the Fashion soc'!

East Meets West 2014

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This year we have performed in EMW again! Organised by the ICU Indian Society, the show is now in its 22nd year of production - once again the longest running student show in the UK! This year, we put our advanced+ girls forward to display some of their newest dances.

Imperial's Got Talent 2014

Dog Template The troupe of our society performed in Imperial's Got Talent - a talent show open to Imperial students. All proceeds from it went to Save the Children.

Performances in 2013

SKIP 10th Anniversary Ball

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Students for Kids International Projects or SKIP celebrated their 10th Anniversary in November and our society was invited to dance as part of the entertainment for the evening. The event was held in the stunning Hotel Russell on Russell Square, and we opened the night by performing just before the starters were served!

Imperial Festival 2013

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The Imperial Festival 2013 was the opportunity for many societies, including the Belly Dancing one, to come together and perform for the rest of the Imperial community and the general public.

End of Term Showcase 2013

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The End-of-Term showcase took place last academic year at the end of the 2nd term. It is an annual event - and the biggest event of the year! It provides the opportunity to all society members to boast the skills they learnt over the year on stage.

ArtsFest 2013

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The Arts Fest at Imperial College was the "joint-venture" of various Arts and Performances societies that prepared a show together. It was one of the largest events for the Belly dancing society last year, as many people from various level performed their choregraphies to the Imperial public!

East Meets West 2013

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East Meets West is organised every year in February by the Imperial College Indian Society in central London, and is one of the longest-running student show in the UK!
The IC Belly Dancing society got the chance to take part this year by displaying the choregraphies of several advanced members.

I-Night 2013

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I Night is a cultural variety show and competition, hosted by the Cypriot Society in February every year at Imperial College. The Belly Dancing society has regularly taken part in this event, and did so again in 2013.

Mega Maalai 2013

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Mega Maalai is the yearly show of the IC International Tamil society. It is a charitable evening of dance - which the Belly Dancing soc took part in, music and comedy, and aims at celebrating Tamil culture and exhibit the many talents of Imperial students.