The Society's Committee

This is the team for the academic year 2018/19! We are here to ensure that the society runs as smoothly and is as successful as possible, but we are also in charge of making sure you guys have the best experience possible in learning Belly Dancing!

Charlotte Rapley - Charlotte, why don't you have a belly dance photo?

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  • Roles: President
  • Degree: Chemistry (PhD)

"Hi! My name's Charlotte and I'm the President of the Belly Dancing Society. I started bellying dancing last year, having never really danced before and I love it! This is a great society to make new friends, have fun dancing and if you fancy show your new skills off in shows or competitions. I've found dancing with this group has helped to keep me motivated, active and confident. If you're curious, give Belly Dancing a go! You might just love it.
Looking forward to meeting you all and to another year of shimmies!"

Photo: On holiday and can't wait to start belly dancing again!

Dory Polos - Dory Poser

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  • Roles: Vice President
  • Degree: Immunology (PhD)

"Hi everyone! My name is Dory, I am this year's Belly Dance Vice President and super psyched for the year of shimmies spins and sparkles ahead! I started Belly dance last year in October after 5 years at imperial. The only thing I regret is that I didn't start it earlier! I fell in love with the art form and the society. There is something about belly dance and the unexpected way we isolate individual moves to then stich a sequence together that is utterly entrancing (Much like when we stich sequins back to costumes... equally entrancing). I have become addicted to learning new ways to isolate and move. All of which is so much fun in the supportive, warm and kind environment that the belly dance society provides!
Come join us and experience for yourself the euphoria that is belly dancing!"

Photo: Performance at Dance Imperial 2018

Rani Mehta - Physics Princess

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  • Roles: Treasurer
  • Degree: Physics (MSci)

"Hi! My name's Rani and this year I'm the treasurer of the Belly Dancing Society. I've only been dancing for about two years now which really shows how fast you can build up your skills. I'll be there for most classes so feel free to have a chat about any questions you may have :) Belly Dancing has quickly become one of my favourite forms of dance, not only because of the amazing costumes and props, but also because the moves are so original compared to any other dance style. I love the work out each class gives me and would definitely encourage everyone to give it a try!"

Photo: Backstage at the Dance Imperial Show

Nicole Ma - On Fire

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  • Roles: Secretary & webmaster
  • Degree: Chemistry (MSci)

"Hello everyone! I'm Nicole and I'm so happy to become this year's secretary! Since I joined the society, I have received a lot of love and care from the adorable ladies. Here in Belly, we have great atmosphere, fun socials, sparkly costumes and most importantly, loads of Belly dancing! Magically things just happened: I went to competition, I performed on stages, I bought my own belly costumes and I eventually joined the committee! I bet, you will definely spend lots of lovely time here. So no matter you've ever danced before or not, come along and let's dance!
Hope to see you both in class and in our socials! "

Photo: Performance at Society Showcase 2018

Mo Ducker - I'm fine Mo

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  • Roles: Events Officer
  • Degree: Immunology (PhD)

"Hi! I'm Mo and the events officer this year. I have never danced at all before starting last year and I love it. It is a fantastic stress reliever and a fab bunch of people. I will be organising some social events to help everyone get to know each other outside of classes, so hopefully see you there!"

Photo: Performance at Society Showcase 2018

Sarah Lowe - Side-eye Sarah

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  • Roles: Publicity
  • Degree: Chemistry (PhD)

"Hi everyone! This is my 9th year of involvement with the society, and my 6th
year on the committee - so it'll be no surprise to know that I'm passionate about all things bellydance! My favourite bellydance prop is the fan veil, but I enjoy dancing with normal veils too. I hope in the future to learn how to use isis wings (see our club logo), and also how to dance with a sword.

I hope you're all looking forward to another fun year of bellydancing! I'll hopefully meet you all at socials or in class this year :)"

Photo: Rehearsing backstage at the Dance Imperial Show