Classes - Autumn 2018

Please note that you need to become a member to dance with us!

Day Time Class Start from Location*
Tuesday 18:00 - 19:00 Beginners 9 Oct - 11 Dec AS1
Wednesday 19:00 - 20:00 Tribal Fusion 17 Oct - 12 Dec MR 1 & 2
Friday 18:00 - 19:00 Advanced 12 Oct - 14 Dec MR 1 & 2

*Location is unfortunately subject to change; these are the default locations. We will email and post on the Facebook Group when change occurs.

Price list - Autumn 2018

Class Drop in 5-Class Pass Term 1 Pass
Beginners £ 5 £ 23 £ 40 (9 weeks)
Tribal Fusion £ 5 £ 23 £ 35 (8 weeks)
Advanced £ 6 £ 26 £ 54 (10 weeks)

*Please note these classes are only redeemable in this term and will not carry forward to the spring term.
*You do not need to use 5-class pass in a row and a handy pass will be given to you in your next lesson to keep track of it.

Drop-in is paid in class, in cash, to your class coordinator.
5-class and term passes are available to buy here!

I'm not sure...

  • Where are the rooms?
      Activity Space(AS) 1 is on the first floor of the Union Building.
      Meeting Rooms(MR) 1 & 2 are on the first floor on the Union Building, and it's easier to take the stairs next to the Union Bar.

  • What shall I wear?
      Whatever you feel comfortable and can move freely in! T-shirts, sports bra, leggings or trackies, and either socks, barefoot or ballet shoes on your feet!

  • Do I need a coin belt?
      The use of coin belts is optional but advised, as it helps you be better aware of your hip movements. You can buy one directly from us for £ 5 - £ 7, just ask your class coordinator if you're interested!

*Please read our FAQs for more detailed answers! *


Workshops are in the planning! Watch this space - follow our Facebook page and/or join our mailing list to be kept informed!

In the past we have collaborated with other societies to put on workshops and events. These have included performing for the Moroccan Society and also teaching a workshop with Empower Society that was focused on body image and confidence.