Is there life on Mars?


I would first like to give a big thank you to Professor Sanjeev Gupta for his lecture this evening regarding his involvement in the ‘Curiosity’ mars rover project. The lecture was a resounding success and definitely enjoyed by all. Astrosoc looks forward to being able to offer it’s members similar guest lectures to this in the near future.

On a similar topic I would just like to draw everyone’s attention to some up and coming events that Astrosoc has organised for the coming month. These include an outing to the Science Museum (including a trip to the IMAX cinema), a trip to the Royal Greenwich Observatory and another Lunar observation. Weather permitting we hope the Lunar observation will be as big a success as the last one! Make sure to keep you eyes on the Blog, Facebook and Twitter pages to keep up to date with the latest news, events and goings on within the society.

Much Love,



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Astrosoc Lunar Observation (Thurs 28th)


Congratulations to all Astrosoc member involved in the Union Quiz this evening! Although it wasn’t a Pokemon Quiz as promised, we still managed to fend off the competition and come a respectable 2nd place wining Astrosoc a tidy £15. This money will go towards drinks and refreshments for this Thursday’s Lunar observation which brings me nicely onto my next point.

If you weren’t aware, Astrosoc will be holding a Lunar observation this Thursday starting from 7pm and finishing at 11pm. We will be setting up our telescopes in the Blackett Laboratory Terrace and will hopefully have some binoculars available also.

If you are unsure on how to get to the Blackett Terrace then one of our dedicated committee members will be happy to direct you when you arrive. Hope you are able attend, we are all very excited! See you hopefully on Thursday!


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Astrosoc Does Pokemon Super Quiz!

This Tuesday (25th), Astrosoc will be taking on the IC union Pokemon Super Quiz! This is great chance to get to know the committee and other members of the society plus it’s Pokemon! Need you any more reasons to attend?!? So make sure you’ve got you brain in Pokemon gear and with any luck we will be crowned rightful Pokemon Masters!

We will be meeting at the union at 7.oopm for a drink and hopefully to secure a table. The quiz starts at 8.00pm so feel free to join us at any time between then.

This event is also advertised on our FB group so make sure to hit attend so we can guage numbers:

Non drinkers welcome, pokemon enthusiasts encouraged! Hope to see you there!

Lots of Love your Astrosoc Comittee.

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Solar Observation Cancelled

Hi all,

Due to the completely clouded sky, today’s solar observation event is cancelled!

One of the unfortunate side effects of living in London is that we will often have to cancel events due to the weather. However, we at Astrosoc don’t surrender this easily, and will keep on planning and hosting great events for all of you!

Our next time slot for the solar observation is Saturday, December 1st, at the same time. I hope to see many of you there 🙂

Clear Skies,

Lenni Graebner
Astrosoc President 2012/13

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Solar Observation Tomorrow (Sat 24th)

Unfortunately the weather forecast for tomorrow is predicting rain most of the day so the solar observation will likely be cancelled. We’ll update you tomorrow on the final decision so keep an eye on the FB group, Twitter page and this page.

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Reminder: Astrosoc does Pub quiz

Hi everyone, don‘t forget that we are planning to enter 1 or depending on the turnout maybe 2 teams into the Union pub quiz this evening. Meet in the Union at around 7pm and hopefully we will do the universe proud!

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Upcoming Events

Just posting to tell you about all the exciting events we’ve got coming up for you lovely people!

First on the list is our plan to hold monthly Lunar/Planetary Observations.  The plan is to hold the first one on the Blackett common room terrace on the 29th Novemeber. This should hopefully be an event that will go ahead no-matter what, as if the weather is bad we can just duck inside the common room and have a social.

Next on the list is our plans for a solar observation on the 24th November with a fallback date of 1st December. With the two dates we should hopefully have a good chance of getting some good weather conditions i.e. A nice cloudless sunny day! One of Astrosoc’s most valuable possessions is it’s solar telescope and hopefully we will get lots of use out of it this year!

Finally, as some of you may know the Geminids meteor shower is due near the middle of Decemeber (Date of peak = 13th Dec), so we are going to organise another (hopefully successful this time) meteor watching session. If you’d like to learn more about the Geminids meteor shower then try the following site:

In addition, with Christmas fast approaching we are working like little elves to plan a christmas outing that promises to be a of fun. So keep your eyes open for further updates and watch this space! (No astropun intended).

Eyes on the skies!


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Orionid Meteor Shower

It is with deep regret that I must inform everyone that the Orionid meteor shower outing planned for this evening has been cancelled. As you may be aware the sky is fairly clouded and on top that it’s raining, so I don’t think it would be much of a fun evening.

On a positive note, we are pleased to invite you to our first guest lecture of this year which will be taking place on October 31st at 18.00 in Lecture Theatre 2 of the Blackett laboratory (there will be signs so you can find your way). Dr. Roberto Trotta of the Imperial College Astrophysics Group has graciously agreed to hold a lecture on some of the latest research in astrophysics, entitled “The Dark Side of the Universe: Hunting down Dark Matter and Dark Energy with Astrophysics”.

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Fresher’s Fair 2012

Thanks to everyone who came and visited the stall today, it was great to see so many keen faces, I can already tell this is going to be a year to remember! To keep up to date with fresher’s events please see the events page on the blog and the Facebook and Twitter pages. We look forward to seeing everyone over the next few weeks! If you have any questions feel free to post on Facebook and Twitter or email us at:

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Mill Hill

>Thanks to all those who turned out to yesterday’s meeting. The Mill Hill trip has enthused so many people we are already planning a second one for all those who we won’t be able to accommodate the first time round (it’ll be first come first served, with priority going to the people who miss out). If you want a place, please leave a comment/send us an email with your details. We’ll be confirming the dates in the next few days.

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