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Astrosoc Logo - B&WThere is more to Astronomy than just fancy pictures and big telescopes. Whether you are an experienced observer or only have a passing interest, Imperial College AstroSoc is a society run by students for students and is the ideal place to meet like-minded people!

We are a growing society which organises a wide range of events, from informal lunar observations to regular talks from top astronomers and regular visits to observatories and museums. On top of all of this, you’ll get a chance during one of our events or one of our regular social outings to meet people with a common passion , learn about astronomy and space exploration and of course, have fun!

If you require any further information regarding the society then please do not hesitate to leave a comment or contact us via email: astrosoc@imperial.ac.uk or one of many other social outlets listed in our Useful Links page.


2 Responses to About Us

  1. Wern says:

    Is it possible to attend the observational events (such as the one on 14th Oct) without being a member?

    • AstroSoc says:


      Yes, of course it is possible! We welcome everyone to attend our events.

      However, please note that after attending a couple of events, we would appreciate it if you would support us by buying membership. All of the funds go towards organising more events, so buying membership means more and better events for everyone!

      We look forward to seeing you on our observation evenings!


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