Upcoming Events

Just posting to tell you about all the exciting events we’ve got coming up for you lovely people!

First on the list is our plan to hold monthly Lunar/Planetary Observations.  The plan is to hold the first one on the Blackett common room terrace on the 29th Novemeber. This should hopefully be an event that will go ahead no-matter what, as if the weather is bad we can just duck inside the common room and have a social.

Next on the list is our plans for a solar observation on the 24th November with a fallback date of 1st December. With the two dates we should hopefully have a good chance of getting some good weather conditions i.e. A nice cloudless sunny day! One of Astrosoc’s most valuable possessions is it’s solar telescope and hopefully we will get lots of use out of it this year!

Finally, as some of you may know the Geminids meteor shower is due near the middle of Decemeber (Date of peak = 13th Dec), so we are going to organise another (hopefully successful this time) meteor watching session. If you’d like to learn more about the Geminids meteor shower then try the following site: http://meteorshowersonline.com/geminids.html.

In addition, with Christmas fast approaching we are working like little elves to plan a christmas outing that promises to be a of fun. So keep your eyes open for further updates and watch this space! (No astropun intended).

Eyes on the skies!


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