Guest Lecture: Professor David Southwood “10 years of ESA Science” + Observation

Professor David Southwood  is the former director of science at the European Space Agency, and the current president of the Royal Aeronautical Society. He is a Senior Research investigator at Imperial College London and former Director of Science and Robotic Exploration at the European Space Agency. He led the building of the Imperial College magnetometer for the Cassini Saturn Orbiter spacecraft and, at ESA, was responsible for the Huygens lander team.

Come and hear him talk about the ESA’s scientific activity over the past decade. The lecture will take place on Tuesday 11th June 19.00 in Blackett Laboratory, lecture theatre 2 and will be followed by a chance to ask questions over drinks and nibbles. (Free for AstroSoc members, as always.) Afterwards we will be taking to the roof of Blackett with our brand new equipment for an observation session, weather permitting!

Clear Skies,


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