Guest Lecture: ‘Illuminating the cosmic dark ages with the square kilometre array’

Hi Everyone!

Dr. Jonathan Pritchard, a researcher and lecturer in cosmology at Imperial, will be giving a talk on his research entitled ‘Illuminating the cosmic dark ages with the square kilometre array’.

Summary: Do you know when the first galaxies formed? Neither do professional astronomers, but we may have a way of finding out. Planning has just begun for the Square Kilometre Array, which will be the world’s largest radio telescope. I’ll discuss ways the SKA could help us learn about the end of the Cosmic Dark Ages and the beginning of the Cosmic Dawn, when the first stars lit up the Universe.

The talk will be held this Thursday (9th) from 7-8pm in LT2 and you there will be an opportunity to ask questions and talk to Dr. Pritchard after the lecture.

Following the lecture we will be having a new moon observation on the 8th floor terrace of Blackett. Feel free to come to either or (or both) for that much needed break from revision!

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