What is IC-BUG?

Imperial College Bike Users Group is a essentially two mailing lists for bike users who study, work or visit Imperial. Anyone is welcome to join the lists below. For more information about IC-BUG, have a look at the Aims of IC-BUG section. 

Mailing Lists

Announce List: This is an announce mailing list, where only the moderators can post, you will get about one email a month with information on events and announcements. Many people prefer this list to the discussion list as it takes up less of your mailbox, but you are essentially left out of the discussion.

To join this list, sign up here https://mailman.ic.ac.uk/mailman/listinfo/bike-users-announce.

Discussion List: The discussion list is used in many ways, all announcements will be made on this list and all members can post to the list. Members can share their views heard, offer advice and help each other out. The bike users’ representative will often ask questions on what IC-BUG feels is the best thing to do in a situation when dealing with the college or union. 

To join this list, sign up here https://mailman.ic.ac.uk/mailman/listinfo/bike-users.

Aims of IC-BUG

IC-BUG has some level of management from the Bike Users’ Representative, an Imperial College Union welfare officer who is elected on an annual basis. Their main aim is to represent cyclists at a union and college level, trying to get the best outcomes for bike users on campus. They do this through consulting IC-BUG where there may be differences of opinions, otherwise, using their best judgement.

You can contact the Bike Users’ Representative by email icu-bike-user@ (that usual place) .ac.uk . 


Where Can I Lock My Bike?

South Kensington has two swipe card-access bike parks, one underneath the faculty building, the other next to the Huxley building. To get access for these, you must be staff or student, and can register here http://www3.imperial.ac.uk/facilitiesmanagement/security/bicycles . There are other sheffield stands which can be seen on this map (PDF) , along with cycle parking in Beit Quad (the union). 

If your campus is not on here, please email icu-bike-user@ (the usual place).ac.uk for what sites are available and how to access them. 

How to Lock Your Bike Securely

Firstly, get a good lock, Sherfield Security (Room 150) sell Gold Standard D-locks for half price - £28. This is well worth it, in general you should expect to spend 20% the cost of your bike on a lock. 

Always lock the frame of your bike to an anchor point (such as a stand), and additionally your wheels to your frame or the anchor. For a good overview on bike security, see http://www.mechbgon.com/lock/index.html .

Police Marking

It is best to have your bike marked by police, please see the events section for when the next police marking session is. You can also register your bike at www.bikeregister.com

Contact for Stolen Bikes

If your bike is stolen, please contact security: x58900, 020 7594 8906 or security@ (the usual place).ac.uk .

Cycling Safely

Imperial students and staff can undergo free cycling proficiency training, check out the Free Courses section. For an overview of advanced road position, have a look at this document http://www.britishcycling.org.uk/zuvvi/media/bc_files/cycle_training/Effective_Traffic_Riding.pdf.

Free courses

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea are offering any Imperial staff or student free courses. Maintenance training is run by Bikeworks, and cycling proficiency/training is run by Advance Cycle Training. Both groups are very thorough and generally nice guys.

Cycle Maintenance

You can do both level 1 and level 2 maintenance courses by going to  http://www.rbkc.gov.uk/environmentandtransport/transportandstreets/cyclingandwalking/cyclemaintenancecourses.aspxand phoning them to book a course, they will take a £5 deposit which will be refunded after you have turned up.  If you want to work on your own bike, book a day course rather than one that spans two evenings. The level 1 is a basic course for people who haven’t tinkered with their bikes, but still has useful nuggets of information for those who are more proficient. Level 2 is more hands on. 

Cycling Proficiency

To take a cycling proficiency lesson, fill out this form http://www.rbkc.gov.uk/adultcycletraining .  This covers appropriate road position, filtering through traffic and road safety among other things.  Probably most useful to those who are slightly wary or rusty on their road skills. 

Also, for an overview of more advanced road behaviour for cyclists, have a look at this http://www.britishcycling.org.uk/zuvvi/media/bc_files/cycle_training/Effective_Traffic_Riding.pdf . 



Bike auctions happen in the south kensington campus every term. This is so that abandoned bikes can be removed to allow space for current bike users to lock their bikes. Proceeds from the action go to IC-BUG and charity (viaRaising and Giving). 

Out of core hours, all bikes in a storage area are labelled as being abandoned. Bike users are asked to remove labels from only their bikes, and after one month, all bikes that are still labelled are removed by security and stored for one week for reclaiming. Both the announce and discussion list are notified during the first week of marking, they can ask the bike users’ representative to remove the label from their bike. The bike auction then takes place one week after the abandoned bikes have been removed. 

If you’d like to donate your bike to a bike auction, please let security know on x58900, 020 7594 8906 or security (at) imperial.ac.uk.

Dates and times of the next bike action will be listed here. 

Dr. Bike

Dr. Bike are mechanics that carry out free checking, maintenance and repair of bikes for staff and students. They generally have a rule of 20 minutes max per person and do not take bookings, so it is best to arrive early if you don’t want to wait in a queue. We are aiming to have Dr. Bike sessions at least once a term, if not more. Currently we have none planned, but in future we will have dates and times of these listed here. There will be Dr. Bike at each bike auction. 

Police Marking

Police marking is important, for most police branches, you can ask them directly to mark your bike. We hope to have two days a term where police are marking bikes. Times and dates will be posted here. 

Critical Mass

Critical mass is somewhere between a celebration of cycling, a moving party and a protest against the vulnerability of cyclists on the roads. Critical mass http://www.criticalmasslondon.org.uk/main.html ,  meets at 6pm on the last Friday of each month under Waterloo Bridge, South Bank, leaving at some point afterwards once a large enough mass is reached. 

Cyclists and other road users (skate boarders, rollerbladers etc.) block traffic to create a motorist-free environment for the critical mass - this is generally the safest and quickest way to allow the mass to pass through the streets as well as being the most fun. Critical mass is an unplanned cycle celebration and is not specifically led. 

Aims of the Bike Users’ Representative

Union shop selling bike consumables

ICU shop has agreed to sell bike inner tubes, some lights and locks for securing wheels. Bike Users’ Representative should check whether these are on sale at the moment.

Re-invigoration of IC-BUG

Bike Workshop

Facilities and Management have agreed to build a swipe card-access bike workshop cage in the Faculty building car park. Details of this need to be finalised, with the expectation that this may take a while.

Volunteer Staff and Students to carry out Dr. Bike sessions

Draft proposal submitted to college insurance after rejection of the idea initially as mechanics would not be professionally qualified. Upon acceptance of the proposal or rejection, further action will be taken to hopefully make this a reality. 


Journey planners

There are many journey planners, each with different benefits, have a try of these to work out which one suits you best

Cycling Groups