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International Tamil Society (ITS) is one of Imperial's most thriving and illustrious societies, with over 400 active members stemming from an array of faculties within the university. From our award-winning sports teams and well-known clubbing event, Twist, to our annual society dinner and entertaining socials; ITS offers a plethora of activities.

The society prides itself on its commitment to raising money for worthy causes. Last year we raised a substantial amount for Tamil Health Organisation, Medical Institute of Tamils and Save the Children; this year we aspire to do the same. We will also work towards increasing awareness and funds for victims of the civil war in Sri Lanka. Through celebration of Tamil culture amongst Tamils and non-Tamils alike, we strive to bring people together from wtihin our university, as well as building bridges with other universities and groups.

Every year, we take to a reputable London venue to host our student variety show: Mega Maalai - one of the most successful shows of its kind. An evening of dance, music and comedy, Mega Maalai allows us to celebrate Tamil culture and exhibit the many talents of Imperial students.

It always proves to be an unforgettable experience!








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