Picture1ICSS has a wide range of sports interest groups available for members to get together to have regular sports sessions as a platform for members to get together for a time of sports and mingling.

The sporting groups in ICSS aim to provide a platform for Singaporeans in Imperial College to pursue new and existing sports interests, and to allow members to participate in inter-varsity games with other Singapore Societies. Sporting groups are led by their respective sports reps, and the Sports Officer who sits on the Executive Comittee oversees the general sports scene in ICSS.

Sports sessions are organised regularly, both during the academic year in London and also during the summer in Singapore. In general, sessions are held at least once every 2 weeks, but fret not, it is not a must to turn up for every session! In addition, the costs of the sport sessions are partially subsidised! (For ICSS members only)

These sessions also serve to prepare the sports teams for sporting events that ICSS participates in annually, such as the Warwick Summer Games in August and Nottingham Winter Games in November. We also welcome members of any sporting proficiency to join us!

Do join the various sports’ Facebook groups via the links below! If you have any other queries, do contact the Sports Officer, Andy Liew ( or the sports representatives below!

ICSS Sports Groups 2018/19

ICSS Badminton – Yoke Kai Wen

ICSS Basketball – Howard Yang

ICSS Captain’s Ball – Eugene Tang

ICSS Climbing – Elton Pan

ICSS Football – Nigel Choo & Tiong Chuan Seng

ICSS Floorball – Tan Kuan Yang

ICSS Frisbee – Jacelyn See

ICSS Tennis – Ian Lim

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