The Ultimate Sotong Guide 2020 is now complete! The essential information you need to prepare for London life, all condensed into one ultimate guidebook proudly produced by ICSS.

Download the complete Ultimate Sotong Guide 2020 here!

This year, the Ultimate Sotong Guide has internal navigation links to enable you to navigate the guidebook more easily. Do take note that you would have to download the Sotong Guide onto your PC/laptop for the navigation links to work. The guidebook is best viewed on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

This complete guidebook is divided into 4 sections:

1. Ready? – Pre-departure administrative details
Before you head off to London for the adventure of a lifetime, there are some administrative details you will have to take care of. Here we take you through step by step on pre-departure administrative details, from VISA application to NS exit permit.

2. Steady, – Accommodation and packing information
Now that you’ve had all the important admin settled, we’ll go through the accommodation application processes and options for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. We’ll run through a packing list of sorts that will hopefully give you a better of what you’ll need to bring and what you can get in London instead!

3. Go! – Useful tips on living in London
Now that you are all packed and ready to go, you must be wondering what you would need to know to settle into London. Here we aim to help you to do just that, by detailing important settling in information such as details on opening a bank account, an overview of London’s transport system and many more.

4. Imperial College Singapore Society- Introduction to the society and a summary of freshers’ events

Here you would find a brief introduction to ICSS, your home away from home in London. There would also be more details on events specially prepared for freshers’ such as the Pre-Departure Talk and the Sojourn orientation camp in Singapore, so be sure not to miss them!

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