Hello there!

Firstly, I would like to warmly welcome you to Imperial College Singapore Society! I am Zhi Hang, the President of the 37th ICSS Exco!

To introduce ourselves, we are the largest college-based Singapore Society in the UK and we have been providing support for Singaporeans at Imperial College London since 1983!

At ICSS, most importantly, we strive to be your home away from home.

Pursuing an overseas education is a bold choice; not having the comfort of your home, having to miss your loved ones and friends, but perhaps the most worrying is not having the support you need when times get tough. However, at ICSS, you can put all these worries away! You can have the chance to meet new people and enjoy what you love doing together! We at ICSS provide the comfort of our Singaporean identity; the need to speak Singlish, maybe discuss about army life, or simply reminisce about your JC or poly days. Here, you can expect to meet a lot more people of your kind and hopefully forge close friendships!

How do we create opportunities for this creation of friendship? By organising events throughout the year! We organise events both in London and Singapore, ensuring that we constantly provide the chance to interact with one another. Some highlights of our events include Sojourn, our annual orientation for freshers; UKBound, a day of fun and games with other Singapore societies in the UK; as well as Major Event, which is our annual self-directed musical production (how cool is that!) There are also several events like CNY dinner, Ski trip and annual OGM/AGM meetings to meet both old and new friends throughout the year!

At the same time, we do encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. We also have various sports groups that cater to the sporty kind. Currently, our sports include Badminton, Basketball, Touch Rugby and many others. We have an annual Ski Trip where we take advantage of the winter and relax on the snow mountains! Oh, and this year, we are opening up eSports as well :) Take the chance to sweat your hearts out and make new friends!

Not the sports-inclined? Don’t fret! We also have musical outings and organise occasional outings to West End musicals, such as Mamma Mia and Lion King! Be awed by the quality of musicals here and it will be a good experience!

At ICSS, the people is what we care about the most. We strive to create an inclusive society, where you will never feel foreign, is done for the people, by the people.

Trust me, the highlight of your journey overseas will not be the grades you achieve, but more of the people you meet. You soon discover that they are the ones who will be at your highs and lows; the ones who travel the world with you; the ones who will share their hopes and dreams with you. In my experience, ICSS has allowed me to adapt so much quicker in London, I hope that it’ll do the same for you. :)