Hi there!

I am Mein Yeak, President of the 38th ICSS Executive Committee. Firstly, I would like to congratulate you on your admission to Imperial College London! Imperial is among the most reputable universities in the world and boasts one of the most international university communities. The Singaporean community here in Imperial is large and close-knit, and we can’t wait to make you feel right at home!

Just a year ago, I stepped into London for the first time in my life. Having never been so far from home before, I was anxious about adapting to life here. ICSS welcomed me with open arms, and I managed to settle into Imperial pretty quickly! ICSS seeks to help you make that transition less daunting and to forge lasting friendships within our community. At ICSS, we aim to always be your home away from home. Throughout your time in London, we will always be here to be a pillar of support whenever you miss that fried carrot cake and nasi lemak from back home!

I’m sure you can’t wait to start this new adventure! To help you settle in, we have created the ICSS Freshers’ Welcome Package! This package consists of a wide range of events that are held both in Singapore and London, to facilitate your transition and get to know other students studying at Imperial. It also consists of our Ultimate Sotong Guide, which is an extremely detailed guide that helps you with all the nitty-gritty details before departing for and upon landing in London.

You’ll find the Welcome Package down below. Do reserve the dates and we look forward to welcoming you to the ICSS family!