President’s Message

President’s Message

Hi everyone, I am Zhi Hang! I am honoured and extremely excited to be able to represent us and bring a step further forward for Singsoc!

Being the President is a huge step up for me- never have I had such an opportunity to head an organisation of this scale. However, I won’t shy away from this challenge and will dedicate my time in building a better Singsoc for everyone. :)

For some of us, Singsoc symbolises our unity, friendship and our culture. The activities and initiatives we organise always put our members at heart. At the end of the day, we want our members to have a memorable, fun and enjoyable experience in Singsoc. I believe that this would not be possible without the involvement and enthusiasm of everyone.

Singsoc was made for its people. I hope that through our term of office, the 37th Executive Committee can continue to inspire and provide a greater level of joy as previous batches have done.

Looking forward, we do have many exciting activities and initiatives coming up so do stay tuned! I sincerely hope that we do have your continued support this upcoming year and let’s strive towards a continuous improvement for Singsoc!