Welcome Freshers!

30167516_10215283199820515_9044520142019965121_oHey there! I’m Jacelyn, President of the Imperial College Singapore Society (ICSS). I’d like to first congratulate you on your offer at one of the most reputable universities in the world! With over 125 nationalities, Imperial College London boasts on being the UK’s most international university. Within that is a strong community of Singaporeans pursuing both undergraduate and post-graduate studies.

A year ago, I was just like you. Being 6736 miles away from Singapore may seem pretty daunting at first but the transition will be smoother than you think, especially with us around :) Being in our 35th year, ICSS has always strived to be the home, away from home for the Singaporeans in Imperial. On behalf of everyone, I’m honoured welcome you into our family here in London!

I’m sure you’re excited to start your adventure in London and to make settling down in London a little easier, we’ve prepared a Fresher’s Welcome Package for all you incoming students. This package includes events that stretch from July to October, covering all aspects from pre-departure events to an array of activities that will help ease you into life in London. On top of that, we also have the Ultimate Sotong Guide which is basically the dummies guide to London. It covers all your questions regarding personal, financial and immigration issues with some tips from us too!


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