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    Hi everyone!

    I am buying a home for the first time and with all the costs something I have not considered is furniture costs.

    I have no idea what good prices are for furniture. I see $1000 sofas and 6k etc. Chairs for 100 to 500. I just never knew the cost of all this stuff.

    Is there any rule of thumb I can follow to determine what’s a good value? I dont want cheap stuff that doesnt work right( I bought 50$ chairs and they scratch the floor so I need new ones and that just adds to the cost in the king run since I have to buy again) but I dont want to get ripped off either.

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    Some people are happy with used $100 IKEA couches off craigslist, some people want a 10k sectional sofa from some post modern mid century modern designer. From a financial aspect – you figure out what you want. You save up for it, then you purchase it. You don’t need everything immediately, and people spend their entire lives acquiring and replacing furniture in their house. There’s no rush to have a perfect place. The price buster offical website is the best option for me

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    As for your question on where to buy stuff- you might want to look into secondhand options. I buy nearly everything from thrift/consignment stores, yard sales, and even FB Marketplace/Craigslist and I genuinely have so much fun doing it (more than I ever would walking around the big-box stores). It also saves me a ton of money, things are generally already assembled, and repurposing/reuse is great for the environment. As long as you inspect everything for quality before purchasing, it’s a really great, safe, fun option.

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    Kyle Farrell

    With the arrival of winter, it’s worth thinking about keeping your windows from letting the cold into your home. So if you have been putting off replacing your windows for a long time, I would recommend replacing them now. If you don’t know any good windws and doors installers, I can recommend https://thwindowsdoors.com/. More than once I have been bailed out by these professionals when I was renovating my house.

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    Regarding which “warm floor” to buy.
    Based on my own experience, I was convinced that it is better not to install thick cables, but a thin “mesh”.
    Although “mesh” is more expensive, it has significant advantages.
    Thick cables must be laid at a considerable depth (in the instructions – at least 5 cm).
    And the point is not even that these 5 cm of concrete warm up for a long time. The fact is that thick cables heat the concrete unevenly.
    And he does not like significant and frequent temperature drops – he cracks. You can read more about it here.
    I don’t know how it is there in the middle of concrete…
    But there is a feeling that there has been less heating of the “warm floor” in eight years. The only explanation is the occurrence of cavities in the concrete near the wire. And in the air (without direct contact with concrete) it can overheat and burn out.
    The mesh is more suitable in this regard. It heats the concrete more evenly and does not burn out in the air (if you believe the advertising and managers).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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