ICSS Christmas Party 2018

The ICSS Christmas party is an annual ICSS event. It is for Singaporeans to come together and celebrate the festive season.

It was held on 9 December, from 7-930pm at RSM.

This year there were 110 participants. Apart from the usual traditional Christmas food, a bake-off was also held, whereby participants’ pastries were pit against each other. All in all, everyone had a great night of fun, laughter and holiday cheer.

Wishing everyone Merry Christmas and a joyful winter break!


ICSS Musical Outing – Les Miserables

“Do you hear the people sing?Singing the song of angry men?”

ICSS went to Les Miserables on 7 November 2018. It was held at the Phoenix Theatre.

It was a great break in the midst of a hectic autumn term and all left feeling less miserable after!


Hyde Park Picnic 2018

Hyde Park Picnic 2018 was held at Hyde Park on 20th October 2018.

It is the first official Imperial Singapore Society event of the new academic year.

Almost 60 society members had a great time playing boardgames, singing and engaging in a variety of sports.

DSCF4563 IMG_8995

It was a great chance for freshers to explore Hyde Park and for everyone to take a short breather from their hectic academic routine.


UKBound 2018: Mix and Match

Warwick Summer Games 2018

Warwick Summer Games occurred on 25th August 2018 at Jurong West Sports and Recreational Centre. The following is the contingent sent by Imperial.

39932456_10204735089813193_7300422072134533120_o DSC01818All the teams put up a tough fight, with Basketball and Captain’s Ball clinching a bronze, and Football concluding with an exciting bronze playoffs.

DSC01851 DSC01852 DSC02152

Congratulations to all participating teams!


Sojourn 2018: Genesis

Sojourn is our annual freshers orientation camp that is conducted in Singapore, before we head to London to start the academic year. This year, the theme of the camp is Genesis – which refers to the origin.


The camp was held from 17th to 19th August 2018, at various places such as Sentosa, Changi Beach and the Central Business District.

The freshers had a day in the sun on the first day. Beach day started off with stormy weathers but soon cleared up, and everyone had a great time playing in the sand.

DSC01099 DSC01145 DSC01199 TS-10910 TS-10922 DSC01103

This year, as per every year, there were 6 orientation groups, namely: Monsieur Flamingo, Colonel Mustard, Professor Bluestar, Nurse Black, Ms Scarlet and Reverend Green.These are the characters from the boardgame – Cluedo. Why these characters? This year, there has been an introduction of a storyline to the camp – a murder mystery.

Before the night games, suspects to the murder mystery were introduced and freshers had to complete intensely during the night games to earn the chance to have an advantage during the day 2 amazing race.

TS-11212 DSC01378 TS-11210

On day 2, the freshers embarked on the amazing race, which was conducted in the Central Business District. Freshers had to rush to various locations to obtain clues and evidence that will aid them in solving the murder mystery.

TS-11222 DSC01394 DSC01398 TS-11230


With the collected evidence, freshers had to create a skit to present their perspective of the order of events of the murder. The skit was presented during campfire night.

DSC01524 DSC01635 TS-11274 TS-11341 DSC01492The final day of the camp was at Changi beach, where the freshers had their war games and course lunches. It was a chance for everyone to fight for their orientation group’s flags with the help of “infinity stones” that gave each group different advantages. The camp was concluded with the same weather it started with – gloomy and raining; but all the freshers left happy, contented and definitely tired.


DSC01751 TS-11423 DSC01733 DSC01734 DSC01726 DSC01727

Hope that everyone had a great time at Sojourn 2018: Genesis!

_DSC9544 _DSC9092




Pre-Departure Talk 2018

Welcome Freshers to our big ICSS family! The start of university might be daunting for some, but we hope that with ICSS, we will be able to ease this transition process for you. Starting a new chapter of your life in a foreign country might be scary, but with your newly found friends, it will definitely be exciting.

Freshers had the chance to be formally welcomed into the ICSS family at the Pre-Departure Talk held on 15 July 2018 at Furama Riverfront Hotel. It was delightful to see so many fresh new faces, all eager to start their VISA application process, hall accommodation decisions etc. DSC00527DSC00533  Freshers also had an opportunity to meet their course mates for the first time and had a short mingle session with them.



Additionally, much thanks to our fellow seniors and acad-reps for taking the time and effort to welcome the new batch of freshers.



Lastly, we would like to acknowledge the following event sponsors: Furama Riverfront Hotel, Public Service Division, ExxonMobil, Singapore, giffgaff, Singapore-Industry Scholarship. This event was only made possible with their support.


Welcome Freshers of Academic Year 2018/2019


Hey there!

I’m Jacelyn, President of the 36th Executive Committee of ICSS. On behalf of everyone here, congratulations on your Imperial offer and a warm welcome to our family here in London :)

A year ago, I was just like you – filled with anticipation and the slightest bit of apprehension. Being 6736 miles away from Singapore may seem pretty daunting at first but the transition will be smoother than you think and before you know it, you’ll be having the time of your life! I’m sure you’re excited to start your adventure in London and to make settling down in London a little easier, we’ve prepared a Fresher’s Welcome Package for you.

I shan’t keep you in the introduction any longer. Below, you’ll find some events that we’ve lined up for you down so mark these dates down.

The Ultimate Sotong Guide

So I bet you’ve got tons of questions about starting student life in Imperial College and London. Don’t worry, we’ve all been through that phase. Over the years, we’ve compiled what’s essentially a dummies guide to London aptly titled – The Ultimate Sotong Guide. It’s the unrivaled guidebook to student life in London proudly produced by ICSS for all students heading to the UK. From pre-departure admin like VISA and hall accommodations applications (videos of hall included!) to things to do in London (bank and SIM card applications), we have it all!


Pre-Departure Talk

Just in case that wasn’t enough to answer all of your questions, we’ll be holding our annual Pre-Departure Talk for incoming freshers and your parents if they’re interested! We’ll be covering VISA application, life at Imperial and the exciting activities we have in store for all you freshers :) It’s also a good opportunity to meet your future coursemates and bombard course-seniors with any questions you may have. Light refreshments will be provided so do register for the event!

Date: 15 July 2018, Sunday

Time: 1400 – 1700



Held on the beautiful beaches of Sentosa, our freshers’ orientation camp is the most important pre-departure event on our calendar and should not be missed! It’s where you’ll meet the people who will go through the next 3-4 years in London together with you and forge lasting bonds with fellow freshers and seniors. With tons of fun in store, Sojourn will definitely be the highlight of your freshman ICSS journey!

Date: Friday – Sunday, 17 – 19 August 2018


Arrivals Weekend

With tons of activities happening during arrivals weekend, you’ll have tons to do so let us take some of that stress of you! We’ll be ordering duvets for interested freshers, arranging a freshers’ pick up service from the airport on 29th of Sept and organising tons of events to get you settled in. Even before you leave for London, you’ll have tons of administrative things to settle and we’ve partnered with AIG to provide a 10% discount for students who apply for the AIG Student Assist Plan through us! You’ll find more information about these in my letter that the International Office has sent out :)

And More…

Well, that’s just a snippet of what’s to come! Do join our ICSS Freshers’ 18 Facebook group to keep up to date with all the upcoming events and info. Don’t worry if you can’t make it for all the events above as there will be tons of opportunities for you to connect with the rest in London. In the meantime, spend your last few months in Singapore exploring the beautiful city we call home, you’ll come to miss it :)

Till then, feel free to contact me via email at president@ic-singsoc.net or Facebook if you’ve got any burning questions!

Warmest regards,

Jacelyn See

President, 36th Executive Committee

Imperial College Singapore Society

Kit-Kat 2018

Kit-Kat 2018 was held on 26th April 2018 at Hyde Park and it was great success! Kit-Kat is an annual ICSS event to provide ICSS members with a breather from the hectic exam period, and to allow fellow Singsoc members to catch up, play sports and have a good time. Everyone immensely enjoyed the breather of fresh air and had much fun playing captain’s ball, soccer and frisbee. Moreover, the picnic spread this year was nothing short of splendid. There were even curry puffs! Hope everyone had a great break and all the best for the upcoming examinations :) 31755347_1952098691494159_536109070701035520_o

36th Executive Committee Election Results

The elections for the 36th Executive Committee was held as part of the Imperial College Union Leadership Elections 2018. The results for the 36th Exco following the elections held from 2nd March to 9th March are as follows:

36th Exco Election Results

President: Jacelyn See
Vice-president: Jiahao Chan
Secretary: Teo Jia Wei
Treasurer: Sean Lo
Event Officers: Jenny Lim & Sky Teo
Sports Officer: Andy Liew
Liaison Officer: Celine Mark
Major Event Officer: NIL

The detailed results are here.