Halls of Residence – Senior’s Opinions

Pembridge Hall on a good day

Hey Freshers!!!

Now that you have received your accommodation email / letter, you must be wondering which hall to choose (or which halls there are for that matter) according to your budget, your preferences, amenities, entertainment, shopping, hall conditions etc

Look no further, we’re here to help you with your decision making.

Download our helpful guides on which hall to choose, based on our personal experiences (don’t worry we’re pretty fair critics).


Halls Introduction

(Important, Please Read Me First)


Wilson House

Weeks Hall

Southwell Hall

Southside Halls

Pembridge Hall

Holbein & Willis Jackson Hall

Garden Hall

Fisher Hall Write-up

Eastside (Linstead) Hall

Bernard Sunley Hall Write-up

Beit Hall Write-up


For more information,

and 360 degree panoramic photos of what the rooms really look like (sometimes deceiving we think)

Do check out, if you haven’t done so,

the official Imperial College accommodation site (which we have conveniently linked below)

Imperial College Halls of Residence

Also, do contact the very friendly Jun Ying, our Liaisons Officer for any extra information at


Also, don’t forget our facebook group, and forums to get things sorted out :)

Seniors’ Farewell Party 2010!

From your Friends, Juniors and EXCO



All the best for your future endeavours, and where life may bring you

Love Actually Is… Nostalgia!!!

Just as the Musical Fever dies down, and the exam fever starts to heat up, here’s a little something to reminisce about the good ol’ days (it’s not too long ago we know) to keep you from dying from the stress. Days of making new friends, learning new things, trying new stuff and having fun!

This little commemoration video is courtesy of Callum MacbethSeath, who generously volunteered to film the entire musical, and Jun Ying and Liang Cheng for their photography for the entire process of planning and rehearsing.

Hope it makes your day!!!

And for those who missed it, and wanna know what the musical was about, here’s the awesome trailer!

Do check back.

Love, Actually Is…

coming in BluRay DVD

Soon-ish :)

JobsCentral Survey: Chance to win 100 pounds!

Singapore’s largest and most established campus recruitment specialist, JobsCentral, is now awarding a 100 quid prize award to one lucky entrant who participates in their employment survey.

Spend just a few minutes to complete the survey at this link:


Good luck!

Sojourn / Academic Appointment Interviews

Dear members,

A big thank you goes out to those of you who took time off your busy schedule to attend the short meet-up session with Exco last week. It was a great pleasure for us to be able to speak to most of you. The feedback and opinions we gathered during the sessions are invaluable to us. The appointments will be made known shortly through our new and improved ICSS website.

Meanwhile, for those of you who missed out on this round of applications but are keen to take up an appointment, fret not! The Exco is still open to late applications and we’ll try to make the best possible arrangements to accommodate your request. Just simply drop an email to Yu Leng at secretary@ic-singsoc.net and we’ll attend to you. The information booklet can be found here!

For now, study hard and all the best for examinations!


British General Elections

Just for all politically active SingSoc members out there who are thinking of casting a vote in the upcoming UK general elections,

We have confirmation from the Election Departments from the Singapore Prime Minister’s Office that

A Singpore citizen will not be disqualified from voting in a Singapore election on the ground that he/she has voted in an election in the UK, if the right to vote in the UK is not reserved exclusively to citizens of the UK

– Boey Wai Kim, Asst. Manager (Manpower & Technology), Elections Dept, Prime Minister’s Office

For more information, visit the Singapore elections website at http://www.elections.gov.sg/

Our Forum undergoes a makeover!

Sojourn Interviews

Seniors’ Farewell Party 2010

Venue: Union Concert Hall (Beit Quadrangle)

Date: 14th May 2010

Time : 6 pm

Cost: Nothing but one night of your time.

Theme: Potluck

Do RSVP on the Facebook Events Page!: http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=115701105110059

With the start of this exciting new term of studies and examinations, our annual Senior’s Farewell Party is just around the corner!

This event promises to be a night of entertainment and fun, and not to mention the good food! All of you are strongly encouraged to cook up a storm and display your culinary prowess to all your friends, as well as a special treat to our dear graduating seniors. May we make a request that all those who wish to bring food to the event notify our head chef Shuren (shurenlin@hotmail.com) of your plans (what you are cooking, and cooking portion)!

Aside from the food, we have a packed programme lined up for the night. There will be lots of games and a very special guest star performance but none other than our dear Sidd! This is one performance not to be missed! Also, I would like to extend a invitation to any one of you out there who will like to put forward a performance for the event to notify our impresario, Sidd (sidmontu@gmail.com) of your grand plans! Seniors who would like to dedicate a song to your fellow graduating batchmates, put forward your request and we will arrange for your music accompaniment for the day itself!

We hope to see you there!!!