ICSS Ski Trip 2017

ICSS Ski Trip 2017_1

We have just concluded the 2017 calendar of events with our annual ICSS Ski Trip from 16 Dec to 23 Dec 2017 at Tignes, France. The weather was amazing, and the huge variety of slopes kept us longing for more skiing / snowboarding time even after 6 days of adrenaline rush and intensive cardio!

We hope that everyone on this trip has enjoyed the slopes, the beautiful snowy scenery and the company. Thank you for all your support on this trip and for making it a success!

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and all the best to those having January exams!

Christmas Party 2017


Our annual Christmas Party was held on 9th December 2017, Saturday. Hope all of you had fun and enjoyed the warm and homely party!

Our home-cooked festive food was a great hit and we definitely received a lot of support from everyone! :D

Santa ‘Bwong’ Claus made a special appearance and brought joy and laughter to the festive atmosphere.

Special thanks to our fresher group for putting up an awesome carol sing along performance!

Unwrapping presents using mittens weren’t easy but it sure was great fun!

Thank you all for coming down to Christmas Party 2017 and hope you have a wonderful Winter break! HOHOHO Merry Christmas!

–Hua Chong and Huang Guan, Events Officers (35th Exco)
Photos by: Chan Bingjie, Ivan Tee, Nathanael Tan, Ang Tershien and Lim Yu Jie
(view the full album here)

Ordinary General Meeting (OGM) 2017


ICSS concluded its first Ordinary General Meeting (OGM) of the academic year on 29th November (Wed). The meeting aimed to update all members about the society’s activities and to hear any feedback on how the society has performed.

Thank you all for attending the OGM. For those who could not make it down, below is a summary of the main points. We hope to see all of you soon at our future events!

Here’s a summary of the main points. Please scroll down for more details of each section.

  1. Kicked off 35th Anniversary celebrations
  2. Introduced member benefits
    (Purchase your membership at https://www.imperialcollegeunion.org/activ…/a-to-z/singapore)
  3. Upcoming Events:
    – Christmas Party (9 Dec, Sat, 7-9.30pm, sign up at www.tinyurl.com/xmas2017icss)
    – 35th Anniversary cum Chinese New Year Dinner
  4. Proposed member exclusive events:
    – Cirque du Soleil
    – Warner Bros Studio Tour, Making of Harry Potter
    – Musical Outing
  5. Events Calendar
    (Subscribe to Google calendar at https://www.union.ic.ac.uk/osc/singapore/events-17-18/)
  6. Ski Trip Update
  7. Major Event 2018 (24 Feb 2018, Sat. Tickets on sale mid-Jan 2018)
  8. Sports Update (Increased subsidy)
  9. Launch of Board Games loan portal
  10. Finance Update
  11. Launch of ICSS Lobang King Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/icsslobangking/)
  12. Introduction of Sotong’s Travel Guide
    (web blog of itineraries, targeted release: before easter 2018)

OGM35th Anniversary Celebrations

ICSS has been a home away from home for Singaporeans at Imperial College since 1983!
We kicked off the 35th Anniversary celebrations with the official launch of our celebration logo.
You can look forward to more events and new initiatives, some of which was launched during the OGM. And all of this will culminate in a big celebration dinner we will be holding in-tandem with Chinese New Year next year.
We will also be sealing a time capsule for 15 years, just in time for our golden jubilee celebrations then.


Membership Benefits

As an ICSS member, you are entitled to many benefits!
This includes priority subscription for all events and a £5-subsidy for all paid events. Some examples include the ICSS Ski Trip this winter and the CNY dinner next term. You can also look forward to many member-exclusive events such as musicals, trips and outings next term! Additionally, you have a say in our General meetings and vote in the elections for the next ExCo.
What are you waiting for? Make full use of your membership now and come for all our events! If you wish to purchase our ICSS membership, please click here: https://www.imperialcollegeunion.org/activities/a-to-z/singapore

Upcoming EventsUpcoming Events

Look forward to exciting events happening in the next few months!
First up, it’s Christmas Party which will be happening on 9 Dec, Sat, 7-9.30pm at Skempton 060A/B/C. There’ll be a sumptuous spread of Christmas roasts which you will enjoy together with games and performances. Please register at www.tinyurl.com/xmas2017icss
Chinese New Year dinner will be a big celebratory dinner held in conjunction with our 35th Anniversary. We will also be sealing a time capsule, which will be unveiled 15 years later during our golden jubillee.

Proposed EventsProposed Member Exclusive Events

Members can look forward to more member-exclusive events such as outings to Cirque du Soleil, Warner Bros. Studio Tour – The Making of Harry Potter, and other musicals.
If you have any suggestions for additional events, feel free to tell us through http://www.tinyurl.com/icssfeedback

Events CalendarEvents Calendar

You may keep yourself updated with our upcoming events by subscribing to our ICSS Google calendar through this link https://www.union.ic.ac.uk/osc/singapore/events-17-18/ and by clicking the “+Google Calendar” button.

Ski TripSki Trip 2017 Update

Our annual ICSS Ski Trip will be happening in two weeks! This year there’ll be 113 participants.
Location: UCPA Tignes Ski Resort
Date: 16th – 23rd December 2017
For those who will be going, please be reminded that your ski equipment rental collection will be on 6 Dec, Wed, 12.15 to 2 pm, outside SAF building. The rental return will be on 27 Dec, Wed, 12 to 3 pm, outside SAF building.

Major EventMajor Event 2018

The preparations and rehearsals to Major Event 2018 is well underway. A big thank you to the Major Event team for the hard work throughout.
You can look forward to next year’s Major Event, The Infinite Wallace Young, happening on 24th February 2018, Saturday!
Tickets will be on sale mid-January 2018.

SportsSports Update

We have increased the budget for sports this year and standardised a 30% subsidy across all sports.
The sports budget is distributed among all sports based on the number of active members, frequency of the sessions and the cost of each session.
With the increased budget, you can look forward to more sports sessions in this academic year.

Board GamesLaunch of ICSS Board Games Loan Portal

Introducing our new initiative – ICSS Board Games Loan Portal, exclusive to ICSS members. We have board games such as Avalon, Bang!, Codenames, Coup, Exploding Kittens, Cards Against Humanity and SushiGo.
The booking form is available at this link https://www.union.ic.ac.uk/osc/singapore/board-games-borrowing/ .
Take note that bookings have to be done 3 working days in advance. Each member is entitled to a one-week loan per board game at a time. Multiple games can be borrowed at a time by submitting separate forms for each board game.
Finally, remember to read the terms and conditions before making your bookings.

Lobang KingLaunch of ICSS Lobang King Facebook Group

Introducing ICSS Lobang King, a new Facebook group that is open to all Singaporeans at Imperial. You can request to join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/icsslobangking/
Living life as a student may sometimes mean you are tight on cash, so here’s a great platform for ICSS members to share perks, deals and discounts happening in London and around!
So please don’t be shy and feel free to share your lobangs, jio your friends and make all our wallets happier!

Sotong's Travel GuideIntroduction of Sotong’s Travel Guide

Another new initiative this year, Sotong’s Travel Guide will be a web blog of itineraries posted on our website. You can look forward to this guide this coming Easter!
This web blog will collate travel stories and itineraries contributed by ICSS members and it will be a good reference platform for everyone to get ideas for their next travel destination and save the hassle of planning.
More details of how you can contribute will be released later.

The Lion King Musical Outing



We have just concluded our ‘The Lion King Musical’ outing on the evening of 23rd Nov (Thurs)! 50 of our ICSS members got to feel the love that night and we hope that everyone who was there had a great evening!

For those of you who did not manage to get tickets, Hakuna Matata! It means no worries at least for the rest of the year because we have loads of exciting events and musicals waiting for you!

Hyde Park Picnic 2017


This year’s annual Hyde Park Picnic was held on a pleasant Saturday afternoon (14th Oct 2017). Thank you to all who came down to spend their precious weekend with ICSS! :) We hope that everyone had enjoyed themselves whether they were playing sports, card games or simply catching up with their friends. Not only were we blessed with amazing autumn colours, we also had delicious homemade sandwiches to share!

Lastly, as your hectic schedules start to kick in, don’t forget to relax and take a breather once in a while! In the meantime, all the best  for the new term and see y’all around soon :) Do also look forward to our exciting singsoc events in winter!

– Carys Hor, Sports Officer (35th Exco)
Photos by: Chan Bingjie, Ivan Tee, Nathanael Tan, Tricia Teo and Lim Yu Jie
(view the full album here)

Freshers’ Move-In Day!

Hey Freshers! Welcome to London and Imperial College, your home for the next three to four years!

30th Sep 2017 (Saturday) was a busy day for most of you as you breezed through the buzz of Freshers’ Move-In Day.

Some of you arrived at London Heathrow Airport early in the morning and hopped onto our very own Airport Pick Up service that took you directly to your halls to settle in.


For the most of you, our Singaporean seniors from various halls brought you around the vicinity during Hall Walkabout to explore and get all your move-in essentials. Look at all the barang-barang in your hands! And for those who have ordered your Duvets with us, you should have collected them in preparation for the chilly London nights.


Have a good night’s rest and all the best your your studies here!

Congratulations to ICAAS on its 40th Anniversary


The Imperial College Alumni Association of Singapore (ICAAS) celebrated its 40th Anniversary on 4th September 2017 with a Gala Dinner at the Fullerton Hotel.

40 of our current students attended the dinner which was graced by DPM Teo Chee Hean, who himself is an alumni of Imperial College London and ICAAS Patron.

We would like to express our heartiest congratulations to ICAAS on its 40th Anniversary!

We thank ICAAS and ICAAS President, Mr Jayson Goh, for giving our talented students the opportunity and privilege to perform at this special occasion. Two songs – “I Wanna Be Someone” & “You’ll Be Mine” – originally composed for our recent annual production, Major Event 2017: GETAI, was performed.

“I Wanna Be Someone”
Written and Arranged by: Liu Shijia (Year 4) & Jia Le Lim (Class of 2017)
Performed by: Jia Le, Maurice Ng (Year 3), Yi Sheng Koh (Class of 2017), Rasika Kale (Year 2) & Lim Hua Chong (Year 2)

“You’ll Be Mine”
Written by: Trina Ng (Year 2), Johnny Yeung (Year 3) & Maurice
Arranged by: Maurice
Performed by: Maurice, Tan Hui Yee (Year 3), Douglas Chan (Year 2), Titus Ong (Year 2), Yi Sheng, Rasika & Hua Chong

Once again we would like to wish ICAAS a very happy 40th Anniversary!

UKBound 2017

UKBound 2017 was successfully concluded on the 2nd of September (Saturday), where over 250 students who are heading to over 20 United Kingdom Universities gathered on Stewords Riverboat. It was a wonderful night of mingling and participants thoroughly enjoyed the various bonding activities.

This year’s UKBound was revamped and evolved from a pageant format to a gala party event. The event was a platform for participants to mingle and forge new friendships before heading off to their various universities. Each deck of the riverboat flaunted a different flavour and diverse styles of activates were held.

On the Main Deck, participants enjoyed a scrumptious buffet spread. It was also a deck for chilling and some intense board games!

Above on the Upper Deck, stage programmes were hosted where participants took part in pub quizzes which introduced UK culture, as well as interesting facts and tips for freshers to look forward to during their time abroad.

Imperial College student band ‘+65’ and University of Exeter student pair ‘Pred Ferry’ also put up wonderful performances and brought great vibes and music to the audience.

A highlight of the event was the lucky draw with amazing prizes proudly sponsored by Mapletree Investments and Sudio Sweden. Congratulations to all lucky draw winners!

On the highest deck, the open-air Bridge Deck was full of life as DJ Tanzo rocked the deck with heart pumping beats and participants socialised, grabbed a drink with friends or partied to their hearts’ content.

We hope everyone enjoyed their night at UKBound 2017 and that the new friendships forged will carry on even as everyone settle into their respective universities in the UK.


Our Event Officers, Hua Chong and Huang Guan, together with the rest of the 35th Exco, would like to thank Gerald Lim, Timothy Low, Titus Ong, Kian Chong, Jeremy Eu and Douglas Chan from ‘+65’ and Kevin Ngo and Andrew Chan from ‘Pred Ferry’ for their time and effort in putting up their amazing performances.

We would also like to thank our Society Partner: Overseas Singaporean Unit (OSU) and Event Sponsors: Singapore Pools, Mapletree Investments and Sudio Sweden for sponsoring this event.


– Hua Chong & Huang Guan, Events Officers (35th Exco)
Photos by: Stewords Riverboat (view the full album here)

Warwick Summer Games 2017


This year’s annual Warwick Summer Games was held on 26th August at Republic Polytechnic. ICSS sent in strong teams to compete in Captain’s Ball, Floorball, Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Bridge and Monopoly Deal. We hope that everyone had enjoyed themselves amidst the friendly yet intensive competition! :) We are proud to say that all our participants put up a good fight, winning the Gold in Floorball and Bronze in Captain’s Ball


The Floorball team with their Gold Medals at WSG 2017


The Captain’s Ball team with their Bronze Medals at WSG 2017

Friendships born on the field of athletic strife are the real gold of competition. Awards become corroded, friends gather no dust.
– Jesse Owens

No matter the result, it’s always the experience that counts and we believe that everyone had gained invaluable experiences and forged stronger friendships.

A really big THANK YOU to all participants for giving your all!! This year’s WSG experience would not have possible without your hard work and dedication :)

Of course, our ICSS sporting scene does not end here — respective sports sessions will still be held throughout the year whether in Singapore or in London so continue to keep fit & look forward to Notts Winter Games at the end of the year :) In the meantime, have a good rest everyone and hope to see you around soon! :)

We thank Warwick SingSoc for organising this annual sports games for Singaporeans going to UK Universities.

- Carys Hor, Sports Officer (35th Exco)
Photos by: Carys Hor, Celine Mark, Ivan Tee, Jacelyn See, Tricia Teo and Lim Yu Jie
(view the full album here)