Congratulations to ICAAS on its 40th Anniversary


The Imperial College Alumni Association of Singapore (ICAAS) celebrated its 40th Anniversary on 4th September 2017 with a Gala Dinner at the Fullerton Hotel.

40 of our current students attended the dinner which was graced by DPM Teo Chee Hean, who himself is an alumni of Imperial College London and ICAAS Patron.

We would like to express our heartiest congratulations to ICAAS on its 40th Anniversary!

We thank ICAAS and ICAAS President, Mr Jayson Goh, for giving our talented students the opportunity and privilege to perform at this special occasion. Two songs – “I Wanna Be Someone” & “You’ll Be Mine” – originally composed for our recent annual production, Major Event 2017: GETAI, was performed.

“I Wanna Be Someone”
Written and Arranged by: Liu Shijia (Year 4) & Jia Le Lim (Class of 2017)
Performed by: Jia Le, Maurice Ng (Year 3), Yi Sheng Koh (Class of 2017), Rasika Kale (Year 2) & Lim Hua Chong (Year 2)

“You’ll Be Mine”
Written by: Trina Ng (Year 2), Johnny Yeung (Year 3) & Maurice
Arranged by: Maurice
Performed by: Maurice, Tan Hui Yee (Year 3), Douglas Chan (Year 2), Titus Ong (Year 2), Yi Sheng, Rasika & Hua Chong

Once again we would like to wish ICAAS a very happy 40th Anniversary!

Warwick Summer Games 2017


This year’s annual Warwick Summer Games was held on 26th August at Republic Polytechnic. ICSS sent in strong teams to compete in Captain’s Ball, Floorball, Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Bridge and Monopoly Deal. We hope that everyone had enjoyed themselves amidst the friendly yet intensive competition! :) We are proud to say that all our participants put up a good fight, winning the Gold in Floorball and Bronze in Captain’s Ball


The Floorball team with their Gold Medals at WSG 2017


The Captain’s Ball team with their Bronze Medals at WSG 2017

Friendships born on the field of athletic strife are the real gold of competition. Awards become corroded, friends gather no dust.
– Jesse Owens

No matter the result, it’s always the experience that counts and we believe that everyone had gained invaluable experiences and forged stronger friendships.

A really big THANK YOU to all participants for giving your all!! This year’s WSG experience would not have possible without your hard work and dedication :)

Of course, our ICSS sporting scene does not end here — respective sports sessions will still be held throughout the year whether in Singapore or in London so continue to keep fit & look forward to Notts Winter Games at the end of the year :) In the meantime, have a good rest everyone and hope to see you around soon! :)

We thank Warwick SingSoc for organising this annual sports games for Singaporeans going to UK Universities.

- Carys Hor, Sports Officer (35th Exco)
Photos by: Carys Hor, Celine Mark, Ivan Tee, Jacelyn See, Tricia Teo and Lim Yu Jie
(view the full album here)

Sojourn 2017 – Voyagers


We recently concluded our Freshmen Orientation Camp, Sojourn 2017: Voyagers! This camp, which ran from 18th to 20th August 2017, brought together over 150 ICSS members from across the batches for a weekend of fun in the sun. Sojourn’s main emphasis was to forge meaningful friendships amongst the freshers and with the seniors so as to better prepare themselves for life in London.

This year’s theme was Voyagers: Tales of the Legendary Land of Donlon. It is said that the mystical island, Donlon, holds the key to end all suffering. In the span of just three days, the brave freshers-turned-voyagers from six Orientation Groups (OGs) embarked on the voyage of their lifetime in search of Donlon.

Day 1:

After a series of ice-breakers, the voyagers started their search through the blazing sandstorms on Sentosa as they fought it out through a series of Beach Games.

After an intense day at Sentosa, the voyagers completed some Night Games and seeked refuge in the caves of Aloha Changi .

Day 2:

The voyagers travelled through the “continents” of Singapore, solving clues, hitting checkpoints and carrying out bonus tasks during an Amazing Race – “The Race to Donlon“.

The day ended with a Campfire Night where the voyagers showcased their different talents.

Day 3:

The paths of all six OGs crossed again as they battle it out through several War Games conducted beside the unforgiving seas of Changi.

At the end of the three days, all six OGs fought hard and arrived at the fictitious land of Donlon. Through the friendly games and interactions, our voyagers made many new friends and prepared themselves well for the real journey of their lifetime – studying abroad at Imperial College London.



Our Event Officers, Hua Chong and Huang Guan, together with the rest of the 35th Exco, would like express our huge thanks to all our OGLs for all the effort that you have put in and thank you freshers for being super enthusiastic and sporting throughout the camp!


In addition, we would like to give a shout-out to these very important groups of people, without which Sojourn 2017 would not have been possible! To our OGHs Red Elmo RachelBlue Dory JoejynYellow Spongebob Guan Ming, Green Yoda NicoleBlack Pearl-yn and Pink Pony Vishnu, you guys are the gel that keeps your OGs going strong so keep it up! To our Game ICs Christine, Shao Kai, Alvin, Ram, Michael, Wei Jian, Kimberly and Marvin, thanks for making sure our freshers and seniors had so much fun taking part in all the games during Sojourn! Lastly, thank you to all our committees – Ninjas, Gamemasters and Media and Pubs - for all the hard work you did to ensure the camp ran smoothly!


We would also like to thank our Society Partner: Overseas Singaporean Unit (OSU) and Event Sponsor: Singapore Pools for sponsoring this camp.

Sojourn sponsors

We hope all of you have thoroughly enjoyed yourselves at Sojourn 2017! Sojourn is simply the start of your SingSoc journey so do stay excited for all our upcoming events!


Photos by: Aaron Lau, Collin Wan, Douglas Chan, Ivan Tee, Jace Tan, Joel Yeow, Lim Kai Liang, Lim Yu Jie, Mark Gee, Nathanael Tan, Tricia Teo, Vivian Feng & Yinghao
(view more photos in the following albums: Day 1, Day 2 & Day 3)

UKBound 2017 – Event Details

UKBound 2017 Poster

UKBound is an annual inter-university event organised by the Imperial College Singapore Society, primarily for Singaporean students heading to the UK for their studies.

This year, UKBound will be a gala party event; a night of mingling and bonding, complete with buffet-style dinner, lucky draw and filled with games and performances to facilitate friendly interaction between different UK universities. Come September 2017, UKBound will be held at a unique venue and is all set to rock your world. Come Celebrate your last few weeks in Singapore with old and newly-forged friendships – it’s BOUND to be a blast!

Details are as follows:
Date: 2 September 2017 (Saturday)
Time: 1900 – 2300
Venue: Stewords Riverboat (Visit for Virtual Tour)
Address: 31 Marina Coastal Drive, Berth 1, Marina South Pier, Singapore 018988
Attire: Smart Casual
Price: $30 (Early Bird, first 100) / $33 (Regular)
*Ticket includes an additional standard drink from the bar (worth $10) and dinner!


This event is proudly sponsored by Overseas Singaporean Unit (OSU), Singapore PoolsMapletree and Sudio.

UPDATE at 16/08/17, 22:23hrs (Singapore time)
Early Bird tickets are all SOLD OUT!
Don’t worry if you can’t get the early bird tickets, you may still purchase regular priced tickets at $33 from

Pre-Departure Talk 2017

Our annual Pre-Departure Talk concluded successfully on Sunday, 16th July 2017, with an amazing turnout of more than 150 guests.

As the very first event held in Singapore for the incoming batch of freshers, our Pre-Departure talk signifies the beginning of a new chapter in Imperial College Singapore Society’s book of life, and the start of an exciting journey for all freshers. This is where all freshers first meet their future course mates and seniors – people whom they will soon grow to know as their second family.

Preparations for the event began early and excited seniors arrived prior to the start of registration to welcome all freshers.

Soon, freshers and their parents slowly but steadily trickled in. Freshers were greeted with goodie bags containing useful items such as files, notebooks, pens and UK SIM cards kindly provided by our event sponsors!

The event began promptly and members of the 35th Executive Committee took turns to engage the audience on a range of topics from pre-departure administrative matters to upcoming events and initiatives. We aimed to address all the concerns the audience had and at the same time, hype the freshers up for the string of events planned for them this summer and beyond! Hopefully the freshers are better prepared for the London weather after listening to all our cold jokes!

The freshers were soon split into their individual courses for a more casual course mingling session! Friendly academic reps and course seniors helped to address any queries the freshers had. Through personal stories, the seniors provided freshers with a better picture of what to expect over at London.

Parents also took the time to clear their doubts with regards to pre-departure matters and life in London. We hope all parents feel more reassured following our sharing!

A delightful spread of refreshments was available for all to enjoy as they continued their lively conversations.

The 35th Executive Committee was heartened to see freshers and parents leave the event venue feeling more informed and reassured. We would like to thank all parents and freshers for making time to attend our Pre-Departure Talk. We would also like to thank all seniors, especially all academic reps, for volunteering your time and for helping to make the event a success. Special thanks to our event sponsors: Furama RiverfrontThe Singapore Public Service, Singapore Tourism Board, Singapore-Industry Scholarship, Signarama and giffgaff without whom our event would not have been possible.



We hope the event has been beneficial for all freshers and parents and we look forward to seeing all freshers at our upcoming events, the first of which is Sojourn 2017: Voyagers, our Freshers Orientation Camp!

-Tricia Teo, Secretary (35th Exco)
Photos by: Lim Yu Jie (view the full album here)

SingSoc Farewell Party 2017

SingSoc Farewell Party (SFP) 2017 is an annual event organised for our graduating seniors.

sfp2017-73This year’s SFP was held on the 26th of May. It was a great opportunity for our seniors to reminisce about the friendships and hardships they went through in the past three to four years at Imperial College London. It was also an event for juniors to show appreciation to our seniors. The event, which was sponsored by our society’s Gold Sponsor: Singapore Economic Development Board – EDB, saw over 130 members from all batches gathering for an evening of food, games, performances and friendship.

I’m only 6747 miles away from you,
so don’t forget me,
your home away from home
will be right here for you.

This year’s SFP also saw a heart warming performance which can be viewed here. “6747“, the distance in miles to Singapore from London, is a song written by Tham Wan Qing, our 33rd ICSS President and arranged by Maurice Ng, Year 2 Aeronautical Engineering student. Wan Qing will be graduating this year and she wrote this song with emotions of love, happiness, gratitude and sadness. The touching yet celebratory song about friendship recalls her memories of the past three years with the Singaporean community at Imperial College. The song was performed by Daren Sin (Year 4), Wong Siow Pin (Year 3), Maurice Ng (Year 2), Tan Yuan Rong (Year 2) and Douglas Chan (Year 1).

We hope everyone enjoyed the performances, games and programme at SFP 2017! To our graduating seniors, all the best in your future endeavours and we hope you’ll always remember ICSS as a home away from home!

Photos by: Aaron Lau & Lim Yu Jie; Video by: Rasika Kale (view the full album here)

Welcome Freshmen of 2017!

Hi freshers!IMG_7555

I am Benjamin, President of the 35th ICSS Executive Committee. My heartiest congratulations to you on getting into one of the best universities in the world, and a warm welcome into our ICSS family!

A year ago, I was like you, so excited, yet so anxious about this new adventure that lay ahead. Rest assured, your time here at Imperial and London will be a fulfilling and amazing one, with all the travelling, musicals, food and friends. I also know that you’re probably bursting with questions right now –  about student life in London, about administrative matters, about coping with independent life away from loved ones in a foreign country – but don’t worry, there’s a whole bunch of helpful and friendly seniors here to help you out!

To help you better prepare yourself for the adventure of your lifetime in London, and to settle in well in London, we have a whole lineup of events in store for you. Read on to find out more!

  1. The Ultimate Sotong Guide 2017

This isn’t called the Ultimate Sotong Guide for nothing! If you’ve got lots of questions, if you feel like you’re blur like sotong about how to go about preparing for life in London, don’t worry, we’ve all gone through that stage – and so this guide is made just for you! You will find all the essential information you need to prepare for London life, all condensed into one ultimate, unrivalled guidebook proudly produced by ICSS. Inside, you can find information about VISA applications, accommodations, opening a bank account, settling into London and much more!Sotong Guide Cover

  1. Pre-Departure Talk

Still have more burning questions? Don’t worry, ICSS will be organising a Pre-Departure Talk (PDT) for all of you, and your parents are more than welcome to join too! The talk will cover important information about the VISA application process, life at Imperial and London, and we will also introduce to you the whole range of activities you can look forward to throughout the year. Best of all, you will be able to meet your coursemates and course-seniors during this session, so you can find out more about life in your course and much, much more!

Date: 16 July 2017, SundayPDT2016

  1. Sojourn 2017

Don’t miss out on the highlight of your fresher experience – Sojourn 2017, our annual freshers’ orientation camp! Prepare yourselves for 3 days of fun in the sun with new faces who will soon become your pillars of support when you head over to London!

Date: 18 – 20 August 2017_DSC6101

  1. UKBound 2017

Don’t forget about our very own flagship event, UKBound 2017! This event brings together all students heading to various UK universities from all walks of life. So celebrate your last few weeks in Singapore with old and newly-forged friendships, and not just within Imperial College too! Prepare yourselves for a night to remember, filled with fun, food, friends, games and performances!

Date: 9 September 2017, Saturday (TBC)

Register with us!

Remember to register with us here so that we can keep you updated on the latest events and happenings, and please join our ICSS Freshers’ 2017 Facebook group too! Most importantly, spread the word to your friends who have accepted the offer from Imperial as well so that they’ll be part of all the fun too!

Once again, I would like to extend my warmest welcome to you into the ICSS family and I look forward to meeting you! Till then, enjoy your time in Singapore, and stay excited for the adventure that lies ahead!

Warmest regards,
Benjamin Wong
President, 35th Executive Committee
Imperial College Singapore Society

KitKat 2017 – Take A Break


KitKat 2017 was held on the 27th April 2017. It was a morning of fun in the cool breeze of spring at the Hyde Park Old Football pitches. Members from different batches took a breather from their hectic exam revision schedules and bonded through sports and food.

We hope everyone enjoyed the day’s out and the delicious snacks (including kueh lapis and other Singaporean childhood tidbits).

Photos by: Nathanael Tan & Lim Yu Jie (view the full album here)

Major Event 2017: GETAI

ICSS was proud to present Major Event 2017: GETAI on 18 February 2017 at the Imperial College Great Hall.

An annual showcase of our Singaporean talents and culture, Major Event featured a musical performance filled with live music, singing and dance. We are proud to showcase a broad range of original songs and choreography crafted by our own members as well as our amazing set, media and lighting prepared by our backstage crew. We are also happy to tell an amazing original story through GETAI and delve into a lesser known aspect of Singaporean culture that is the Hungry Ghost Festival. Exploring the themes of love, life and loss, GETAI tells of a troubling love story between a renowned songstress and an aspiring songwriter and the difficult circumstances the face in their relationship.
The night was an emotional night for all of us as it is the culmination of 5 months of hard work put in by every one of us and it also marks the end of our Major Event journey. Many unforgettable memories are made and many lasting friendships are forged during this period and it was difficult for everyone to see Major Event come to a close.
We would like to thank the Deputy High Commissioner of Singapore to the UK for taking his time off to witness this performance and our sponsors for supporting us in this event. We also like to express our sincere gratitude to every member of the Major Event 2017 team for their tireless efforts in making this show incredible. To all who have witness our performance, thank for your support and we hope to see you next year!
DSC_1269-Jasper Ng, Major Events Officer (34th ExCo)
Photos by: Collin Wan, Lim Kai Liang, Lim Yu Jie, Nathanael Tan, Nicholas Sim & Tan Zeguang (view full album here)

35th Executive Committee Election Results

The elections for the 35th Executive Committee was held as part of the Imperial College Union Leadership Elections 2017. The results for the 35th Exco following the elections held from 3rd March to 10th March are as follows:

President: Benjamin Wong
Vice-president: Douglas Chan
Secretary: Tricia Teo
Treasurer: Aaron Lau
Event Officers: Huang Guan, Lim Hua Chong
Major Event Officer: Rasika Kale
Liaison Officer: Lim Yu Jie
Sports Officer: Carys Hor

The detailed results are here.

As our term as the 35th Exco begins, we we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our predecessors for their hard work and contributions.
The 35th Exco look forward to a productive and meaningful year ahead with everyone, and we hope to have your support in our effort to build up this warm, comforting family in our home away from home.

32nd-35th ICSS Exco

The 32nd to 35th ICSS Executive Committee

35th ICSS ExcoThe 35th ICSS Executive Committee