36th Executive Committee

There was an idea.
To bring together a group of remarkable people,
To see if we could become something more.
So when they needed us, 
We could fight the battles.
That they never could….


From Left: Andy Liew (Sports Officer), Sean Lo (Treasurer), Jiahao Chua (Vice-President), Nathanael Tan (Major Event Officer), Jacelyn See (President), Celine Mark (Liasons Officer), Lim Jenny (Events Officer), Jiawei Teo (Secretary), Chun Yi Teo Sky (Events Officer)

 To Contact the 36th Executive Committee

President (Jacelyn See): president@ic-singsoc.net

Vice President (Jiahao Chua): vicepresident@ic-singsoc.net

Secretary (Jiawei Teo): secretary@ic-singsoc.net

Treasurer (Sean Lo): treasurer@ic-singsoc.net

Events Officer (Lim Jenny): eventsofficer1@ic-singsoc.net

Events Officer (Chun Yi Teo Sky): eventsofficer2@ic-singsoc.net

Liaisons Officer (Celine Mark): admin@ic-singsoc.net

Sports Officer (Andy Liew): sportsofficer@ic-singsoc.net

Major Event Officer (Nathanael Tan): majorevent@ic-singsoc.net

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