36th Executive Committee

There was an idea.
To bring together a group of remarkable people,
To see if we could become something more.
So when they needed us, 
We could fight the battles.
That they never could….



Back Row (From Left): Sean Lo (Treasurer), Lim Jenny (Events Officer), Celine Mark (Liasons Officer), Jacelyn See (President), Jiahao Chua (Vice-President)
Front Row (From Left): Jiawei Teo (Secretary), Nathanael Tan (Major Event Officer), Andy Liew (Sports Officer), Chun Yi Teo Sky (Events Officer)

President (Jacelyn See): president@ic-singsoc.net

Vice President (Jiahao Chua): vicepresident@ic-singsoc.net

Secretary (Jiawei Teo): secretary@ic-singsoc.net

Treasurer (Sean Lo): treasurer@ic-singsoc.net

Events Officer (Lim Jenny): eventsofficer1@ic-singsoc.net

Events Officer (Chun Yi Teo Sky): eventsofficer2@ic-singsoc.net

Liaisons Officer (Celine Mark): admin@ic-singsoc.net

Sports Officer (Andy Liew): sportsofficer@ic-singsoc.net

Major Event Officer (Nathanael Tan): majorevent@ic-singsoc.net

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