Sojourn is our annual freshmen orientation camp that is conducted in Singapore, before we head to London to start the academic year. This year’s Sojourn was held from 16 to 18 August, at various venues such as Sentosa, central Singapore and Changi Beach Park. The theme of the camp was Conquest, which reflected our wish for Sojourn to be a stepping stone for the freshers in conquering the challenges of studying and living abroad with their new-found friends.

The freshers had a day in the sun on Palawan Beach in Sentosa on the first day.  After some ice-breakers, the freshers took part in a series of Beach Games.

This year, as per every year, there were 6 orientation groups (OGs)- the Vikings, Knights, Samurai, Wizards, Spartans and Pirates. The OGs were named after these tribes as part of the storyline to the camp, where the tribes living in a mystical land had to solve the mystery of a missing power source that was crucial to their survival and way of life.

After an intense day at Sentosa, the freshers headed to the chalets at CSC@Changi II for some Night Games. The freshers were also formally introduced to the storyline, and they were given their camp t-shirts.

On day 2, the freshers embarked on an Amazing Race, which was conducted in central Singapore. Freshers had to rush to various locations to complete tasks that would allow them to obtain clues and evidence that will aid them in solving the mystery.

With the collected evidence, freshers had to create a skit to present their perspective of the order of events of the murder. The skit was presented during the Campfire Night. After the freshers presented their skits, the Orientation Group Heads (OGHs) also presented a skit detailing what actually transpired in the storyline.

The final day of the camp was at Changi Beach Park. The freshers took part in War Games, where they had one last chance to consolidate and improve upon their OG’s standing in the points table. The freshers also had lunch with their coursemates and course seniors.

The camp was concluded with the same weather it started with- bright and sunny, and it was safe to say that the freshers were left happy, contented and definitely tired.

We hope that everyone had a great time at Sojourn 2019: Conquest! On this note, we would like to thank our event sponsors, the Overseas Singaporean Unit, Singapore Pools and Anywhr for their generous contributions in ensuring the success of our event.

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